My 4 Babies and giveaway winner

9:41:00 AM

We have 4 Babies, they all can't talk..yet..but they always put a smile on our face!

This baby needs a lot of attention..maybe it's a yorkie thing :/

This baby is growing so fast and has the CUTEST personality..such a happy baby and a blessing to our family!

She got some crazy hair style going on right now :D

Her monthly pictures! the winner of the Totally Rad Actions!

Lucky 13!

Congrats to Gabby from Gypsy Diaries for winning the actions! Gabby please email me at simplyvonne {at} so I can email you them actions! Your photos are already gorgeous so cant wait to see how you will use these great photoshop actions!

I took way too many photos of Kaylee over the weekend as you can see, but hope you enjoy them!

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14 sweet notes

  1. Kaylee is so cute and you chose a really pretty name. All around well done, haha :-D

    Relatable Style

  2. oh my goodness. i keep looking and looking at these pictures... they MADE MY DAY!!!!! PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

  3. She is the cutest and happiest little thing as well as your other three fluffy babies. She will have sooooo much fun chasing those little dogs whether they like it or not.

    I kind of feel bad that I no longer give much attention to my two cats since a wee one is here but they get so much love and attention from my little one now, too much that they can't handle sometimesperhaps lol.

  4. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!! I honestly dont know the last time I was so excited for a giveaway I am so so happy that I've won!!!! AH!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! :D SO SO EXCITED TO TRY THEM OUT! Plus... yes Coco sounds a lot like Diego... they would make the cutest couple! I m soooooo happy! :D Thanks girl!!! :D

  5. that first pictures is just too cute!

  6. Oh they are soo cute!! I have to say the baby on the right is the cutest;)

    Congrats to Gaby! What an awesome giveaway!

  7. omg, talk about perfect timing on the top pic. everyone is posing!! i love it when my pup sleeps like this. to stinking cute.

  8. Aw your baby is adorable and your dogs are incredibly cute!

  9. Eeee, that first pictures is priceless... oh my goodness that is the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! x veronika

  10. Epps...the first picture is a classic! All lined up, bellies exposed...LOVE :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  11. Love the first photo. Not sure how you manage to keep all these babies in only one shot... just great

  12. i can't get over this!! SO CUTE. this post just made my day! kaylee is beyond adorable!

  13. you are one busy mamma of four! : )

  14. OMGGGG The first picture is the cutest thing EVER!! Your babies (especially the human one, haha) are all way too cute! :)


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