Happy Father's Day

11:56:00 AM

Happy father's day to all the daddies out there and especially to my daddy!

We do not have kids yet but we treat our puppies as our own =) here is a lil message from them to their daddy.

Miko wanted to hold on to the card

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3 sweet notes

  1. Way to get my attention!! Seriously, I love dogs too. Like you, my husband and I do not have children but our Quincy (dog) is our baby!

    They are too cute though in the second shot they look like they are thinking, "ok, enough already, do we get our treat yet..ha, ha"

    I sort of met you over at Creature Comforts :-). I just introduced myself over there and am now taking a hop on over to all the blogs of others who left a post at the "meet&greet". Happy to meet you. Adding you to my follows and look forward to more of your sure-to-be fabulous posts!

  2. Hi Storibook Designs! thank you so much for stopping by and glad you found me =D

  3. I laugh out loud looking at these! How adorable.


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