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4:14:00 PM

Flickr Faves for today::

I have the same exact stool from Ikea but never thought of using it like this! what a great idea!

{ from i l'aria }

{ from ishtar olivera }

{ from 7andfive }

{ from dottie angel }

{ from sweet berry me }

Lastly I have to add in a photo I took over the weekend :)

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6 sweet notes

  1. Oh I dont mind at all ! : D Thank you for adding my photo to this inspiring selection!!!

  2. Hi! Just discovered your lovely blog after seeing one of your photos on Flickr - am now a follower. These images are all lovely, I actually just bookmarked the first one too after seeing it on Flickr :) I bought that stool recently with the intention of using it as a bedside table so that image will be great to refer to! Have a lovely weekend x

  3. @ishtar olivera. Thank you!!!

    @amanda aww thank you Amanda for being a follower. I am so new at the whole following thing so Im glad someone is following me..and not in a creepy way either :D Have a great weekend!

  4. love your blog! thanks for all your inspiring post esp this particular one.. been a little moody the past few days and this post got me wanting to revamp my home a little here & there & now it feels so much better!
    looking forward to the many wonderful post! - yvonne

  5. @ babylicious Im glad you found my blog and glad to hear that you feel much better also =) is ur name also yvonne? if so what a coincidence!

  6. yes gal we share the same name ;)


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