The simple things

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Simple things make me happy, whether strolling along the park with hubby and puppies, or just relaxing at the beach. Even when decorating our home, simplicity is the main key. Sometimes, the small simple things make a house a home, you don't really need to have expensive furniture decorate your place. When decorating our home, we just worked with what we have and were pretty happy with the results. Here are some of the simple things in our little nest.

A happy home ::}} Laugh Often, Live Well, Love Much

hmm I need to dust often! =D

My parents got these vases for us from South Dakota, so we drove 24 hours to drive these back to Virginia Beach.O_o

Didn't think we would paint our wall chocolate brown, but we sure did! adding white chandeliers to bring out the color.

Hope you enjoy the little tour, to view more of the before and after pictures...please visit our nest

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7 sweet notes

  1. You have such a gorgeous place! I used to be an HGTV addict (back when I had cable), but could never translate stuff I saw into real life. I'm amazed you were able to make the pink carpet work!

  2. I used to be HGTV addict also when we first bought the place..but now I hardly have time to watch it. Yeah we hate the burgundy carpet, but we just have to work around it.

  3. wow! love this post. love simple. love your before and after pictures!!

  4. Your home is super gorgeous! I love your style preferences!

  5. Your living room is gorgeous! And I absolutely LOVE your couch ~ where is it from?

  6. Thanks! @Lovely Little Nest The couch in living room is from Value City and the white one from Craiglist.


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