Ikea Expedit Bookcases

6:11:00 PM

I'm always intrigued with how people decorate around their Ikea Expedit bookcases. I purchased 2, one in the living room and one for storage in the office. Unfortunately my husband took over the office, therefore it's way too messy to take any pix. O_o

{image via Decorpad }

{image via pinterest }

{image via Making it lovely}

{image via nestegg}

{image via i l'aria }

{image via livecreatingyourself }

and ours :)

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2 sweet notes

  1. I plan on buying some Expedit shelves once we buy our first home. They are soo versatile, the possibilities are endless!

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas :)

  2. LOVE this post...i'm addicted to shelving.
    thinking i need to go out and get some of these!


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