Baby Nursery

4:09:00 PM

Here is a lil baby mood board that I put together for the nursery. I found the perfect pattern for the curtains and we finally found our crib! Instead of the polka dots, were thinking of getting the hippo set design from target. I have already designed the 2 owls and will be putting her name on top of the owls once we pick out a cute name for her. Cant wait to get started on the room. It is a huge mess at the moment and need to clean/organize is asap..maybe this weekend!!!

Just found out today that my brother is also having a baby girl..his wife is due March 9th and I will be due March 12!!! 3 days apart!
here is a cute 3D ultrasound of her covering her cute lil face!

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5 sweet notes

  1. Aww, I love the ultrasound pic!! Amazing!!

  2. Hello!
    Greetings from Norway. I stumbled across your blog and I couldn't stop reading. I love love love your blog - it is inspiring, lovely and very beautiful. I just added you to my blogroll! I'm defintely coming back.

    Congrats on a babygirl, I'll bet you're exited.


  3. oooo how fun!!! love inspiration boards! congrats to your brother too!!

  4. oh and look at your sweet little girl!!!! amazing...


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