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2:04:00 PM

I will be 6 months pregnant this Saturday and I haven't even shopped at the maternity section yet. I am still waiting for when I can't fit any of my clothes anymore, then I'll get those oh so sexy stretchy maternity pants :D

{ 3 months }

{ 4 months }

{ 5 months }

I can tell my face has gotten so much rounder! ^_^ and cant really fit into my wedding rings anymore

{ Most recent }

Spotted these fashionable maternity pix over at IHOD's blog!

I am actually hoping that I dont have to buy any maternity clothes at all so we'll see! :D

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8 sweet notes

  1. Well you're just about the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen! You're still rocking your normal clothes... So adorable!

  2. Cutest, most fashionable pregnant woman ever!

  3. you still look so cute and fashionable!! love all the outfits. i'd wear all of them - and im not pregnant! love it!!!

  4. Congratulations!! And keep being a fashionable woman even when u're pregnant.. ^^

  5. oh wow congratulations!!!! you look great for being 6 months pregnant! im so scared of having kids...but love your site what a great collection of photos!

  6. Okay you are pretty much my preggo idol! You are soo so cute! I think you manage well looking stylish and super beautiful while sporting the bump.

  7. you are such a cute and fashionable prego!!!!!! love it!!! :) ohhh your more than half way done, sooo exciting!! do you know if it's a boy or girl yet??

  8. You look so fabulous at all stages of your pregnancy so far! I'm afraid I'm just going to slip into loose flowy dresses and stretchy pants from the get-go when I get pregnant haha. One of my best friends just had a baby, and she'd gained nearly 70 lbs which freaked me out a bit because she was as slender as me (but taller of course lol). Poor girl was so miserable near the end... I'm glad to see that not all pregnancies are like that!


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