Our chair has arrived!

12:06:00 PM

Our chair arrived!! I am super happy with the purchase, it is not only cute looking but really comfortable too. Hubby was also impressed with the sturdiness and he took it back saying it's ugly ^_^. Although we got the rocking chair for the nursery, it's temporary home is in our lil living room.

Jet is sleeping peaceful on the sofa ^_^

So is it too early for Christmas Decorations? I started to put up some decor last week and planning to put up the Christmas tree around Thanksgiving, which I still can not believe it's next week already!!

BTW take a lil tour to our lil nest here

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8 sweet notes

  1. Oh! It's beautiful. The whole space is lovely. I love the snowflake details!

  2. Love your place! Great colors!
    And great new chair!!

  3. It looks great, I love it!!

    Come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  4. oh my goodness yvonne!!! your place is soooo nice, at first i thought it was a picture out of a magazine! love the chair and chandelier!!! :)

  5. aw thanks guys for the lovely comments!!! :D we totally love it also!

  6. oh it looks fantastic Yvonne! I love your decor details!

  7. this is gorgeous!!! i love your home-decor. seriously, these images are great!!!

  8. i am sooo jealous of your chair yvonne! where did you order it from? looks amazing in your house! i've put up some christmas lights and one wreath already hehe :)


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