Glimpse of Our Weekend

3:18:00 PM

Hubby finally finishing up painting the nursery! Did I mentioned Finally lol O_o Excuse the huge mess, were hoping to have the dresser and everything up soon since I'll be 9 months this coming Saturday.

Hubby and I went to a Vietnamese Community Lunar New Year celebration on Sunday and it was too cute to see lil kids dancing on stage.

oook so you are prob sick of me posting pix of my baby bump pix, but here is a recent one over the weekend :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! It's Monday and I am already looking forward to Friday!!!

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10 sweet notes

  1. I'm not sick of the baby bump pictures! They're always so cute.
    Yay for getting the room painted!

  2. You look amazing! Love the baby bump pics!
    Love the color you picked for the nursery!
    Hugs xxx

  3. OOOOh my gosh your belly is sooo adorable! Congrats on the room!

  4. can't wait to see the after pictures of the nursery when you two are all done! miss those days : (

  5. looks like a great weekend! and you are looking amazing, friend. you are so pretty!

  6. Love the baby bump pics! You better keep posting them!

  7. don't stop posting them baby bump pictures! You'll miss them so much! ;) plus - you're lovely!

    I admire you and the courage to dramatically change the color of a wall - I noticed the dark shades in the living room and wondered - how did it came to you? Such a radical shade?

  8. thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

    @ kpriss

    Yeah we want to go lighter in the nursery and also stay away from the pink and girlie colors. We decided to go with a light lime green :)

    The living room wall was a huge risk that we took, never in million years would brown come to mind but adding lil touch of white decals, were happy :D

  9. soooo exciting girl!! i always love seeing your dresses!! they aren't even like maternity dresses right!?? thats even cooler!!!

  10. Oh girl, the due date is getting really close isn't it? :D I love the color of the wall in the nursery! :D I'm really excited for you! :D


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