A lil surprise from Hubby

12:24:00 PM

After a long day of work on V-day, came home and saw these lovely orchids and heart shaped donut waiting for me from my lovely husband! This year we kept it simple by just going out to a local rib restaurant where it's not too busy and enjoying each others company..nothing fancy but nice.

Within these past few weeks I have ate..and not kidding either..20 donuts!! oh the joy of pregnancy! O_o

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3 sweet notes

  1. I love orchids, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. awwww....those are are beautiful orchids! i love, love, love, the color....i'm just into yellow these days maybe because i am pining for spring. so donuts must have been the valentine treat for the 2011 valentine year!

    hope you are having a loveLee day friend!


  3. Ah, what a beautiful orchid - love them! So thoughtful!
    Hope your day is fab so far!
    Hugs xxx


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