Welcoming Baby Kaylee {3.1.2011}

2:25:00 AM

It all started on Tuesday at 1am: my convo with hubby..True Story!!

Me: I am having really bad contraction, I think today might be THE day!!!
Hubby: (serious face) Really? Can you just wait and have her on Thursday?
Me: Um I don't think I have a choice hunnie.
Hubby: Oh ok, then just wait until Wednesday then.

So after 8 hours of really bad and painful contraction, (oh and since we didn't think we were going to have her this week, we decided to pack last minute) Hubby took me to the hospital at 9:10 am Tuesday and I had her at 10:19am, with only 20 min of pushing and no epidural. I was fully dilated so it was too late to get the epidural..trust me, I wanted to scream at everyone because they couldnt give me the drugs. The pain was unbearable and I wish they could just give me some drugs to ease the pain, but nope 20 minutes later, I saw my baby girl with happy tears. Doctor said if I was stuck in traffic or came any later, I could have had her in the car!!

Meet Kaylee My-Tien Huynh 6lb 12 oz 19 in

Daddy's lil girl

How does she feel about being home in her new nursery? extremely happy!!

We have the most awesome friends EVER! Thank you so much everyone for all the warm wishes in these past few days and wonderful gifts!

I am going to be taking a lil break to figure out this thing called motherhood :D but I will definitely be checking in and out on other blogs too!

Oh Our Nursery was featured in Apartment Therapy this week on March 1st, the day Kaylee was born!! how awesome is that!!

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14 sweet notes

  1. Congratulations, Yvonne!!! She's absolutely precious! Very happy for you and your hubby, you make for an adorable family! xoxoxo

  2. Oh happy day! She's is gorgeous and so glad she's finally here. What were her stats (length & weight)?

  3. Congratulations, she's precious.

  4. Yay, congratulations, Yvonne! Welcome sweet Kaylee!
    She is absolutely precious! So happy for you! Enjoy her and take all the time you need (just throw in a few pics every now and then...haha)!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your gorgeous little girl! Hugs xxx

  5. Ohhhh!! She is precious! And what a beautiful name!

    Congratulations!! :)

  6. Congrats!
    She is beautiful.
    LOL, your hubby is so funny.

  7. congrats!!! she is ADORABLE!! i'm soo happy for you and your beautiful family!!!

  8. congratulations! she is so adorable.

  9. Awww!! she's such a cutie! Just like her mom! :* congrats, hope to see more of her soon :*

  10. squeal! i can't believe how fast she came! well, your pain tolerance is pretty good considering you were able to bear 8 hours of contractions at home : ). super momma! big hugs!

  11. oh my gosh yvonne congrats! i can't believe it..20 minutes?! so close!!!

    kayle is extremely precious...enjoy your days as a new mama!!

  12. Ahhh!!! I was thinking that it must be that time and I come over to see this beautiful post!! Oh my goodness!! Congratulations Yvonne! I am so happy she is hear and that you are healthy! I cannot believe how fast you had her! Amazing.
    Welcome to the world Kaylee!!
    <3 <3

  13. Her name is so beautiful. One of my best friends is named Kayleigh...just spelled different (:

    She's simply adorable!


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