{ Swarovski Necklaces + Butterfly Kisses }

12:20:00 PM

So it's Friday!! and honestly for once I'm actually not excited that it's going to be the weekend/the reason is because starting Monday I would have to leave Baby Kaylee and go back to work..back to my 7-4 shift at the office. I am excited to see all my sweet coworkers and have an actual conversation with an adult rather then do baby talk all day but it's going to so tough to leave her.

6 Weeks of maternity leave is not long enough, I need to figure out how to get rich fast so I can be a stay at home mom :D

Here is Kaylee week 6 photos! indeed she is growing fast.

So lately I have been getting interested in jewelry making, I been wanting to buy a heart Swarovski necklaces that I have been eyeing everywhere on blogs and etsy..so I thought, why not make one..or two!

The bonding between a father and his child is priceless and precious to me. As Lee was playing with Kaylee, I had to capture the moment of them together. My favorite part is at min 1:23 when she's looking into the camera..and yes the song is Butterfly Kisses :D

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Enjoy your weekend, xoxo Yvonne

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13 sweet notes

  1. Aw, she is adorable! What a cutie!! Love her hair!! Cute video!!
    And your necklaces are gorgeous!!! xxx

  2. such a sweetie! Love the video Yvonne.

  3. i love that song butterfly kisses :)! Your hubby and his daughter are so cute together. What a blessing to watch your child and your husband bonding and loving one another. Who sings the second song??


  4. @savedthrulove


    the second song is by Owl City Metero Shower. :)

  5. oh my goodness! can she be any cuter? <3

  6. she is absolutely gorgeous! =)


  7. She just keeps getting cuter!!
    I am hoping to do the same month by month photo thing....although right now I am taking pics every day! ha ha!
    Happy weekend!

  8. What?!?! Only 6 weeks for maternity leave?? Some places give you 3mos! :( So you found a daycare or sitter? Maybe after a day or week from Kaylee you will decide to stay home..if it works out and Lee can work HARDER. ;p jk.

  9. ok this post melted my heart even more!!! she is growing so fast! that video is priceless...beautiful family yvonne!

  10. Love to see daddies so full of love for their babies. :) You are one blessed family!

  11. what a doll she is! love that onesie!! xo, katie

  12. she is getting so big! i need to send her gift before it gets too small! i'm sorry i've been lagging on emailing you but the info i need is where you would like me to send it. email me: ohsweetleeme@yahoo.com
    i need to get it to her!


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