Engagement shoot sneak peak

8:03:00 PM

I mentioned last week that I have never done an engagement shoot before..so I was really excited when Diane had asked me to shoot their photos. Here is just a little preview of the shoot today. Kaylee is not permitting me to do more editing at the moment so here is just what I have so far. Will be posting more this week.

{ Before meeting up with Diane and Billy, I went to the location a bit earlier to take some test shots }

I met Diane through work and she is the most sweetest and nicest girl I have met..can't forget gorgeous too! It was such a fun photoshoot and hoping to do more like these!

More to come! Thanks Diane and Billy for trusting in me to take your engagement photos!!!

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13 sweet notes

  1. the photos look great!! i would never thought this was a 1st, the cam is lovely.

  2. Yvonne, I think you should become a photographer. I would hire you too. I may one day if I ever find a man haha!

  3. looks awesome! I wanna see more. =)

  4. Yvonne they are so cute! Great job hun:-)

  5. Oh my god, these photos are absolutely stunning. I adore the couple shots very much, especially the last two pics. You should be a freelance photographer, I would definitely hire you girl!!

  6. Breath taking photos!!!

    Found you on a friends blog and I am your newest follower. I'm also a graphic designer (but you wouldn't know it by my blog LOL) :)

    Mommy Kerin

  7. The pictures look awesome!!

  8. awww great photos girl!! can't wait to see the rest!!

  9. aww I love them already! Can't wait to see the rest :)

  10. Wow, Yvonne!
    Can't wait to see more! Beautiful!

  11. Oh goodness...it is beautiful! Girl, you have some made photography talent! My fav is the one of him tucking a flower behind her ear...look as those smiles, pure happiness :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  12. Fantastic post!!!!!
    HI! My name's martina and I come from Utaly! I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips! obviously if you follow me, I do the same with yours! ;DDD
    Glamour Marmalade


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