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Here are some photos I took with my new camera Canon T3i. Love it but I still got so much to learn! Planning on reading the manual but haven't had much time to myself lately..busy busy mom!

Im amazed that my orchids are still alive! I got it from Hubby for Valentine's day and it's still growing strong. I normally kill all my plants and flowers after couple weeks.

Baby Kaylee already at 11 weeks.

My other baby girl {with a bad haircut..I gave her a new haircut over the weekend :D }

They really love each other

She's starting to suck her hand now.

Last week photo of Kaylee at 10 weeks

Anyone own a T3i or T2i? How do you like it? I still haven't really figure out the video option yet. Here is a video I did of Kaylee with G12 Canon.

This is by far my favorite video of her. She's already talking..or trying to :D

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6 sweet notes

  1. oh my goodnes - the pictures of baby and puppy, tooooo cute!!!

  2. hey!

    Kylee is too adorable. :) i love that video of her.

    anywho i have a t2i. i love every single thing about it. :) esp the fact that i can record HD videos and take photos at the same time.

  3. nice photos!..... your baby is so adorable...

  4. Super adorable little girl. Isn't it amazing how they change from day to day? Just wait until she discovers her little feet...omg too cute.

    I basically love your photos regardless of what camera you use. I am hoping to own a Canon one day though. I love my NIKON but I start to feel that Canon produces the kind of pictures that I am hoping to get.

  5. she's getting so big and of course i can't seem to get my act together to send her what i have for her! auughh! i still do hope to get it mailed out soon!

    happy weekend friend!


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