What's for Dinner} Zesty Asian Wings

6:47:00 PM

Before we had Kaylee, Hubby and I would always go to Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday for their wings special. I normally get their Asian Zing (nom nom nom) Hubby likes the mango habanero. Since I have been craving for some wings lately, I thought why not make some with my own spin on it. I am no chef but gotta say..these wings were pretty darn good!

I baked the wings for 30 min and deep fried them for about 10 min. As for the sauce, I chopped up some garlic, and chili..added honey, fish sauce, vinegar and sauteed it for few min and combined the wings and sauce together. Pretty simple and sweet!

These were so good with rice, I eat EVERYTHING with rice..typical asian of me :D

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3 sweet notes

  1. BWW is my FAVORITE place! My husband & I eat there so often.. that's where we went for Valentine's day- not so romantic for most, but perfect for us! The mango habenero sauce is becoming one of my favs! xox

  2. oh those look simply DELISH!

  3. ooooh...looks yummy and of course you gotta eat it with rice : ).


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