All Started with a K

10:24:00 AM

Bought wooden K at Michaels way back and finally got around to paint it with leftover paint from laundry room. I couldnt find any brushes so I had to use my old makeup brushes lol

Lil Miss Kaylee turned 13 weeks yesterday..this photoshoot I did of her is pure soft and angelic

Look at her eyes! she clearly did not get that from me.

Every month I have been taking putting her on this white chair and documenting her growth. She turned 3 months yesterday! My baby is growing so fast!

Here is her month 1 and 2 } yes she has a lot of hair!! I had to wet her hair for this shoot so that it wont be all crazy..note month 2 :D

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8 sweet notes

  1. aww, what a lovely project. And look at that cutie pie, love her sweet little dress. Hope you're having a fantastic week Yvonne. xx veronika

  2. AWwww so cute! I love the monthly pics...keep them up!

  3. Such an angel! She has the most stylish nursery in the world :)

  4. Kaylee has gotten SO BIG. Happy 13 weeks to her! I can't stop staring at her eyes. So, so precious! She's lucky to have such a gorgeous room to grow up in :)

    PS - I did end up ordering the Amazon tripod and it should be in my hands this weekend. Can not wait! High five to being tripod twins :)

  5. Such a fun project. Her pictures are just precious!

  6. your daughter is ADORABLE! and her nursery is so cute!

  7. awww....pretty just like her momma!


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