Happy Father's Day

10:17:00 AM

This picture was taken last year for Father's day. It was just us and our furry babies.

This year, we are so thankful to have Kaylee join in with the furry babies. She is getting along so well with the dogs...wait for another few years, she is going to be chasing them around the house!

To me a father is someone who is there for us, guide us, protect us and chase all the bad boys away ;) I am so glad that my father fought all his might so we can have the life we have today.

I am blessed to have a wonderful man as my husband who I know will love his daughter unconditionally and definitely will chase all the bad boys away. Happy Father's day!

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12 sweet notes

  1. Awwwwww thats all i can say right now!

    puppys+baby+daddy = CUTE :)


  2. that last picture is absolutely priceless.
    there is just too much cuteness in this post ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. So adorable, girl! Kaylee is precious. What a blessing. Happy first Father's Day to your hubby!

  4. Awwww so so so cute! How did the doggies stay so patiently off to the left side of the couch and Kaylee at the other?! :) Hope you and your fam is having a blast up in DC!

  5. the last pic is priceless and your little furry babies are cute too.. how well they've cooperated for the pic!!

  6. awww what a wonderful post!
    i have a silky terrier too!
    i love your silky's hair style!:D

  7. Awwwww! These pictures are so adorable!
    Happy Father's day to your hubs :)

  8. Perfect pictures for such a special day. How many more times can I say..she is super adorable. The dress she is in is too cute too.

  9. Awww... these pictures made my heart melt a whole lot! Fur babes and real babes ... a great father's day indeed!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  10. I love the last photo! so so so sweet!!

  11. ok! AWWWWWWWWWW! This is so freaking adorable. I love the puppies note!


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