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It's going to be a hot summer, I can feel it! Weather has been in the 90s lately. I bought all these lemons for Kaylee's photoshoot but since we have to reschedule the shoot because of the rain, I love adding them in sweet tea.  Oh I guess sweet tea is a east coast and southern thing because I never drink it when I was living in South Dakota. People just don't order a sweet tea when they go out to eat, they order a pop (soda)

I love that strawberries are so cheap in the summer! I don't like to eat them alone, I either dip it in with a lil salt or I like to spread Nutella on them :)

I love having fresh flowers at home.

So mint leaves grow like weeds! Our neighbor planted these for us in front of the house last Spring and they keep on growing. We now have unlimited supplies of mint leaves!

I love adding the mint leaves in spring rolls!

Can't have summer without fun nail colors with cute sandals. (these are Madden Girl sandals)

Sunglasses are must have for the summer..even for dogs! ( no? ok maybe just our dogs then)

I dont drink enough water so I make it up by eating lots of watermelon!

Cheers to a happy summer!
images by me

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13 sweet notes

  1. I really love this post. Especially the watermelon bit, ohh yumm, now thats dee lish. (:

  2. Your doggie is such a good model..I mean look at a pose and that facial expression. The star is born!!

    Oh yes I can feel that it is going to be a cruel summer here where I live. Some days the temperature is already in the 100s...yes!!

    Do you use TotallyRad for most your photos? I am tempting to purchase but then I have to buy another PhotoShop to support it. The photos on your blog are always artistic and out if this world beautiful.

  3. @Nelah What photoshop do you have? I use CS5 and CS3 and yes I use Totally Rad on most of my photos! it's great to have and LOVE IT!!!

  4. lovely pictures :) i love the one of the little dog and sunglasses- too cute! so glad summer is finally here!

  5. I LOVE ICE TEA MY FAVE (esp since I don't drink soda everrrrr (gave it up a year ago!)

  6. I love all your pictures!! So pretty. And I love your tea pitcher and glass. Ok, and your dog in the shades...awesome! Have a great summer!

  7. You inspired me to cut some flowers my garden!!!

  8. even your dog is so stylish ;-)

  9. I love coming by your page. Thank You for sharing your ideas and lovely photos!! Summer is not complete w/out the cute sandals and yes nail polish!! :)

  10. Yvonne, your blog is so awesome. How did I not know about you before??? ;)

  11. I'm blown away each time I come to your blog and see your photos. They truly are amazing and wonderful to look at. Strawberries with nutella, sounds delicious {going to try that very soon} and you can't live without ice tea down in the south. And those spring roles look divine. Looks like your summer has started off very nicely xoxo

  12. *Holds up lemonade glasses* Cheers to summer!

    Amazing photos as always, Yvonne. It's summery items like these that I don't mind dealing with the humidity of summer :)

  13. Such lovely pictures. AND oh my goodness your doggy wearing those sunglasses?! Um, too precious. And a big, yay, for summer!! xx veronika


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