My kind of weekend!

11:25:00 AM

I always look forward to July 4th weekend because
1. 3 day weekend! Time to clean the closet and make more headbands for baby girl
2. Fireworks!
3. Transformers 3!!!! anyone seen it? do you love it? hate it? Im excited to see the new girl since I was not a fan of Megan Fox at all!!
4. Spending time with friends and family + FOOD!
5. Last but not least..the crazy sale at the mall! I got a cardigan for $3 at Loft and other goodie stuff!

I got this dress at H&M for just $10. The funny thing is that I see it all the time at the store but never care to even set my eyes on it until it's on sale :D haha!

My new love for Amrita Singh! Thanks to Hautelook, I got this not too long ago for a really good deal. You can get it here

Today my baby girl is exactly 4 months! time flies!
Look at her hair! haha!!!

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18 sweet notes

  1. hat necklace is so pretty. Ahh i love her hair she is sooo cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That is a seriously beautiful necklace! I love stuff on sale too :) they usually look more appealing when they are lol.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. omg how cute is your bebe!! xx

  4. That necklace is STUNNING. How funny..I looked at it last night. I want..I want but I am fighting the temptation.

    Talking about the real deals!! Stuff look more attractive when the prices are that good. Pretty dress, sweet mama and sassy baby...haha..her hair. Happy four months old little girl.

  5. Love the photos, so beautiful! Your necklace is stunning! I love fireworks and friends and family and food too! Preferably all together =)

  6. yay for the weekend! I'm excited to see the new girl too. She was also in the most recent XMEN movie and will star in the Hunger Games movie that will come out next year! oo I can't wait!! you have got to read the books!

  7. love her hair! so pretty! Ah Transformers 3 is 'Meh' if you ask me... but there are others who loved it.... let us know what you think of it..

  8. first i love the necklace - and your baby (again) is so adorbs!!!!!

  9. Cute pics! the little girl is sweet *_*
    I invite you to my blog.
    kisses x

  10. haha she just gets cuter every single post! and you darling, look absolutely gorgeous. Love that necklace on you.

  11. D'awwwww cutest baby EVER!!!!
    And your dress is so gorgeous girl :)

  12. I can't get enough of Kaylee's hair! So great. Love your dress! Sales are my favorite! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend (:

  13. 10 bucks!!! what an awesome deal!

    and, i watched transformers.. the new girl is super pretty... but i won't say anything else, don't want to ruin it for you!

  14. Yes! Loving the 3-day weekend {wish they were all that long :)}. Huge Transformers fan ... def. over Megan Fox so I, too, am excited for III!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  15. i absolutely enjoy your blog because you're beautiful, your baby is beautiful, and of course your family in general is beautiful. you're also well dressed and you get the greatest pictures of your family :)

  16. Your baby's photos are TOO cute! Her hair is adorable and those headbands are awesome! ... I'm big on shopping in the clearance section of any and every store I walk into. Cute dress! And great price!

  17. Too cute! N that dress looks lovely on you! You find the mos stylish tclothing n for the beat deals! Wish we had h&m here :(

  18. Those baby photos are just too adorable!


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