Corners of My Home and Giveaway!

9:20:00 AM

I love interior design. I was very inspired by so many interior spaces out there that I just couldn't wait to decorate our home. Madebygirl, Makingitlovely, Younghouselove are just few blogs that I love to visit and they inspire me everyday. What is even ahhhh-mazing is that Jen from Madebygirl did a little tour of our home so check it out!

On the previous post, some of you mentioned about the little corner of where I was standing to take my outfit pictures. Here it is.

We love our bookcase and Kaylee!!!! She was only 10 days old, sleeping so peacefully.

I just want to thank everyone for visiting my blog and for all your sweet comments! It really brighten up my day and put a smile on my face. My way to saying thank you is having this little giveaway from me to you. It's a cute simple Dove Star necklace by Dannielle Stevens. 10k gold plated. You don't have to be a blogger to enter, just leave your email address so I can contact you.

To enter:
::Follow simplyvonne
::Leave a comment. that's it..easy breezy!


I will announce winner next Friday, August 19th

Thank you so much for visiting, and good luck!

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36 sweet notes

  1. you have such a great eye and creative talent! i love that corner! i also have that gray rug from ikea- love it!
    and i just wanted to say that, but bonus i get to enter the giveaway.

  2. yay a giveaway :)) my email is but i think you already have it ^^. such a cute necklace, i have always wanted one, cause i never buy jewellery unless its for an outfit post i have to do lol. btw the 4th photo is adorable, sooo cute.

    Jelenadoll <3 xoxx

  3. Love your nook - it's got personality, coziness and great design flair!

    PS - what a great giveaway!

  4. By the way i have put your button on my blog :D xxx

  5. I wish I had the artistic and creative eye that you do!

  6. Great place and great giveaway!

  7. Lovely necklace! I'm a follower!

  8. I really love your blog and your style. my email is jvylao(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  9. I love how your living room looks The color and the way you arranged everything is awesome.

  10. i'm in:) already a follower through GFC

  11. Your blog is one of my favorites and I love your home and of course Little Miss Kaylee!
    Thansk for doing the giveaway.....

  12. I've been a follower and enjoy your blog. Love your baby girl and all of your doggies. We have a yorkie and a silky. ;)

  13. Gorgeous gorgeous! You should put your name down for the HGTV contests and hands down you'll win it! You are such a creative person!

    Enter me please for the giveaway.

  14. i love peeking into people's homes! i love all different styles and home decor.

    what a lovely giveaway! i am a follower of course!

  15. i LOVE your home and sense of style yvonne!! crazy thing.. we have those same three prints on the right side of your first picture!! we put it up in our kitchen hehe! we really do need to meet up!!

    p.s. the giveaway is adorable! please enter me!!


  16. You have a lovely home, Yvonne :)
    xx Marie

  17. SUCH a beautiful space! Didn't know you were featured on MBG! Will head over!

    And this necklace is so pretty!

  18. Love your house! Very pretty and well put together! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Cute blog, new follower <3

    Lots of love,

  19. CUTE house and I LOVE the picture with Kaylee in the bookcase!!

  20. I've been following your blog for quite some time, but this may be my first time commenting. I'm always excited when i see you have written a new blog entry! I love your photography and the way you design your home. You are simply talented and i must say Kaylie is adorable!


  21. I am already following you on Google Friend connect! You have a fantastic eye for fashion and also home decor! Thank you for stopping by Bravoe Runway and it is too bad we don't have Ross in Chicago! I first learned about it back in my consulting days and traveled to Seattle!

  22. what a cute necklace! you know i'm already a follower! :)

    btw, love your space! we're in the process of decorating our livingroom right now. we've been in our place for 2 years and just decided its time for a change. lol. its time to take out those paper blinds! gosh, its sooo expensive to furnish a house! I will share when its all done!

    i'm so bad at blogging now...Marcus and the summer is keeping me so busy. :)

    oh and that pic of Kaylee in the bookcase is tooooo cute!


  23. Such a cute space!

    Lynny at theblondebrunette dot com

  24. Love your home Yvonne, it's SO beautifully decorated!! And yay for this awesome giveaway, love that necklace. Yup, I follow & fingers are crossed. xo veronika

  25. I have always loved how you decorate your home. It is modern, functional, cozy and stylish. Mine desperately needs help, perhaps I could fly you here if I were rich :D. I want to go to Ikea to browse some nice furniture but never have time nor a babysitter :(

  26. Wow! your home is so pretty. And the picture of Kaylee on the bookshelf is so precious!

    and I'm following you, of course! :)

    bluepaperlanterns at gmail dot com

  27. Kaylee in the bookcase?! ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS. She's going to love seeing all these photos of her once she's all grown up!

    Please enter me in the necklace giveaway! I'm a follower ;) Email: tobrightenmyday at gmail dot com

  28. OMG i loooooove the decor on your living room! these photos look like their straight out of elle decor. where do you most of your home decor shopping? & the photo with kaylee on the bookcase? i thought she was a doll at first.

    btw, i entering your giveaway. *fingers croosed* cant believe i wasnt following you this entire time! my email is

  29. Oh my gosh! That is such a sweet photo of your baby! If you glance too quickly, you might even miss that there's a sweet baby there! :)

  30. Your home is BEAUTIFUL ... you really do have a killer eye for style. Love how clean lined everything is but it still comes off as cozy and homey {that, my friend, is talent}!

    Epps ... the chance to win that lovely necklace is a bonus on this post ... thanks for the chance!

    {I am already a die-hard follower :)}

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  31. Thanks everyone for entering!

    @cryskay i get a lot of my home decor from target, ikea, homegoods, ross, pretty much anywhere that is modern but at a reasonable price:)

  32. Yvonne, your home is all sorts of intricacies. each spot holds many moments of long gazes. i LOVE everything about this feature and the fact that Jen did a tour of it blows my mind. such an honor and most deserved!!! the bookcase shot with Kaylee all tucked in is precious as can be.

    plus a giveaway?! really???? i'm excited, count me in, i'm all about pretty things and the charms on that necklace are darling. thanks for the chance, you're wow. ♥

  33. What a pretty corner. You did a great job. Lots of little things to look at and admire without being cluttered. :)

    sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  34. That's got to be the cutest thing ever!!!! Wow, congrats!She is quite adorable:) I am pregnant with my second now and can't wait to have him. My eldest is nearly 5. I am one of your new followers, hope to see you come by :)


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