{ Corners of my home }

10:38:00 AM

Orchids gift from a dear friend. Isn't it so pretty? now hopefully I can keep it alive. Thanks Vi!

Gift for husband also from our friends

Making more headbands

My assistant for the day

Kaylee's famous monthly pix chair

I really love this book..I think it's a must have for parents. Is there a book that you think I should look into for Kaylee? I would love any recommendations!

A friend painted this bow holder for Kaylee. I need to get her more bows! :D

Her nursery, I just love the little personal touches in it. Love the swing, definitely kept her quiet when mommy need to do chores around house.

After having a baby, our house is filled with lil toys here and there. It's so hard to keep the house nice and clean now! :D

Hope you enjoy the lil corners of our home. Happy Wednesday!

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13 sweet notes

  1. You have a lovely home. We have that book. It is really sweet. Another one that is just as sweet is The Runaway Bunny. A fun one to read and tear up at!!

  2. Orchid is my favorite flower of all time. I love those pictures, Yvonne. So peaceful to look at =)

  3. Beautiful. The corners of my home are full of dust and/or toys!

    I love books! For my baby showers, we had people bring books for baby. I can't wait to start reading them to my little guy. You can never start too early with teaching kids to love books. :)

  4. Oh ... I have been wanted a cactus to join our "plant family" at home ... yours is just lovely!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  5. You are really into headband making mode, girl! Good for Kaylee, she will have one in each color :) Every corner of your home is so lovely, I wish my house looks at least half way decent..hehe. Toy situation will get worse as they grow, I am telling ya.

    My little one used that same swing, it was a life saver (for mommies). I recommend those touch and feel book, my daughter loves it.

  6. I love how trendy your house is! and darling, that orchid is stunning... now I'm even more obsessed with orchids than before :b

  7. Very beautiful orchids and very beautiful photos :))

  8. even your house corners have your personal touch! we had the same swing n yes, It is a life saver!

    Love the last pic! little K sitting quietly in the corner :)

  9. you have very good taste in interior decorating! btw, have you ever considered opening up an etsy shop to sell your headbands? the ones you make look amazing.

  10. I love the photo of the orchids! Gorgeous.

    beautiful pics

  11. What a gorgeous orchid. I am a huge lover of orchids and have a ton in our home.

  12. she has the cutest little room ever! you decorate beautifully and i also love the pictures of the flower and plant. you'r so talented!

  13. would you please come over to help me with our ugly ducking of a home??? it's in such disarray right now and seeing these are making me get in the mood for some major revamps! your home is lovely, just how i'd imagine something connected to you would be. every corner brings more goodness, thanks for sharing a peek inside! ♥


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