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9:06:00 AM

Happy first day of Fall! Taking the dogs out for a walk with our new Boba Classic Carrier that we bought from Zulily!

We just bought a baby carrier for Kaylee and it's the best purchase ever! Such a bonus that Kaylee loves it too. We now can just walk around the store without having to worry about pushing the stroller and the grocery cart! Hubby and I would fight on who get to push Kaylee and I always lose!

I giggle everytime he's carrying her since I keep thinking about the movie The Hang Over!

I really appreciate everyone who entered the scrapbook giveaway! and the Winner is..

Congrats Abby! if you could email me your email address, I will forward it to Liz from My Memories! yvhuynh @

I am so glad that today is Friday! Since Kaylee is so fussy about sleeping in her crib, this momma is super tired and can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for visiting and for the sweet comments!

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  1. That baby carrier looks pretty awesome. I am glad Kaylee likes it too. Have a great weekend!

  2. I have a boba carrier too! Sae liked it when she was little but not so much as she got older. I think it's because I didn't carry her often enough in it. Next time around I am going to use the piss out of that thing!

  3. I don't have kids but this definitely looks like a great idea for travel and errands running! Strollers are such a pain because they take up so much space and you have load and unload it everytime! So cute, this pix of her and dad :)

  4. That second picture made me realize that baby Kay has the most beautiful and gorgeous eyes EVER!

    She just gets prettier every day :)


  5. Oh I remember.. The baby carrier was such an instant hit among us :) Hope yours has lumbar support. Our little one always wanted to face outwards and look around.

    I love it when the husbands are carrying them around :-D try giving him something to eat and see the fun they cant take a bite without worrying about spilling it on the baby's head :-D

  6. How sweet is she! Loving the dog leash as well. We have two yorkies and that would be perfect for them....
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Seeing those pictures makes me miss carrying my little pumpkin in the Moby wrap when he was little. Now that he's a little bigger, I need to get a new carrier.

    Hope you can get some rest this weekend. Have a great weekend!

  8. awe babies with their proud papas make me smile! happy autumn arrival Yvonne, great way to ring it in with a walk about and your 2 favorite people - not to mention your fur babies too!

    congrats to Abby! sweet dreams all weekend long. ♥

  9. i remember the baby carrier! i loved mine and my youngest maddie lived in it. they didn't have them out when i had the older two.

  10. i loved the baby carrier. i had a bjorn and my youngest maddie lived in it!


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