These photos aren't great...blah

10:04:00 AM

Have you ever taken photos and your like..ehh these pictures are just blah, not planning on  posting them on the blog. Well these photos you are about to see are not my favorite but whatever, I want to share all my photos even if they are not great. These pictures were taken last Friday when the weather was just cloudy and windy. The weird thing is that there was a security guy looking at us while we are taking about awkward! I am still not comfortable having my photos taken outdoor in crowded area and I usually go to a place more subdued or not too many people looking.

I been wanting a lace dress forever and glad to found one last week at HM on sale for under $20!

{Dress Blazer Belt:: HM Necklace:: Amrita Singh Shoes:: Cole Haan Purse: MK}

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  1. I don't know what you're talking about =) You look lovely in these photos. I love how you paired a dark blazer with your white dress. Have a lovely day!

  2. Well, I must agree, I think the pictures are wonderful! You look gorgeous as always!
    Thanks for your sweet words earlier!
    Hugs xxx

  3. You look fantastic and love the antique quality of your photos! Love the touches of red with the necklace and belt. You should take more photos of yourself, looking great.

  4. Yvonne I am glad you shared these photos because they don't look blah to me girl. I adore white dress with red accents from belt and necklace, simple yet lovely.

    On the sleep thing, I bought and loved this book so much - The No-Cry Sleep Solutions: Gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night by Elizabeth Pantley. When my daughter turned 5 monthes old, I was on a desperate search to find ways to help her sleep so I could sleep. It is a great book, I passed it on to my coworker. Even though my little one still didn't sleep through the night until after 2 years old, it helped give me some great ideas. It is true, they will sleep through the night when they are ready (but we are so sleep deprived).

  5. I think the photos look great! I do know the feeling though. I think we are our worst critics!

    I love all the pops of red in this outfit! YOu have some impressive belt tying skills!
    ♥ laura
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  6. love the dress! I was just at H&M in Raleigh...the only one they have here in NC and it's three hours away from Charlotte. I was very dissappointed that I didn't find a thing. I probably would have bought that dress if it was there. Super cute!

  7. You look lovely!! Lace dress for under $20!! Ive been looking at a few but then they are so pricey!! Love how youve paired it with a dark blazer!

  8. I usually don't like blazers but you put this outfit together nicely! Wish there's an H&M store near where I live. BTW, love your blog!

  9. Yvonne...I am not really sure what is "blah" about these pix? I think they look fantastic, the dress is beautiful and so is the jewelry! I've taken some pix of outfits I didn't particularly love....maybe I should do a post so we can debate :)

  10. I hear ya. I hate that uncomfortable feeling too, but try to shrug it off as best I can. At least you still look great in the photos! I love the lace dress. :)

  11. LOOOVE this. This is totally something that I'd wear.


  12. The dress is sooo cute. I wonder if H&M still has it!


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