I am not much of a thrifter simply because I never have much luck finding anything unique or cool there. Hubby and I decided to go on Saturday and it was such a fun experience looking through all the vintage and decorations. I love browsing through the accessories and ended up buying couple necklaces that I am now swoon over! We went to CHKD and I love the thought of giving back to the kids as we buy second hand items. Do you thrift?
Kaylee first time thrifting

Black pearl necklace I found at the thrift store, the quality of the black pearl is really nice

Love her shoes leggings!

{dress: Old Navy cardigan: LOFT purse: Michael Kors Boots: Steve Madden Necklace: Thrifted bracelets: Francesca's Collections &F21 }

"the true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul."

Ended the day with a good friend, catching up at a restaurant by the bay. Hope your weekend was wonderful and thanks for stopping by!


Life Happens said...

It's always hit or miss in the thrift store. So far, I've missed on the few ocassions I've gone. Looks like you scored though! Beautiful necklace!

Love how you and Kaylee match. And her cute little tights with the maryjanes! Oh, I'm craving a baby girl (cause boys don't wear mary janes). :)

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy New Year Yvonne! I am sorry I have not been by...it's been an insane new year! I think it's great that you went to the thrift store that supports a local organization. I've not been on a thrifting excursion but rather consignment. Kaylee is adorable, and it looks like your family had a wonderful holiday! As for the handbag, I've actually had it for a while, it is the LV Monogram Stresa PM size, it was gift from my parents years ago.

newpetite said...

I started thrifting after I started blogging and I love it! The first few times are meh and then you start finding the good stuff. Happy Thrifting! it is kinda addictive!

Camille said...

found you via IHOD! :) pretty pretty outfit and i LOVE thrifting as well.


Nani Iiams said...

i am with you on thrifting I always wanted to but I literally never find anything nor do I have the patience

Julie said...

lovely outfit and the necklace is gorgeous! great find!

Anna of IHOD said...

Such a fabulous color and you (and Kaylee!!) I found a few amazing necklaces at the thrift store the other day as well! Can't beat 3.94!
Thanks for linking up my friend! Can't wait to see more!

Amber said...

Every thrift store I've been to has had absolute junk, but I always see the great finds other people get! So I'm determined to go sometime in the near future and hopefully score some fun accessories or household items!! As always, great photos!!!

Drea said...

oh my.. you are just to cute! love the pics.
btw you'd be a great writer to www.sheheartsit.com ;-) we are looking for some new writers!

abby said...

I've been thrifting a couple of times, but I've never been one with the eye to pick something awesome out. The pearls are super pretty! Hopefully next time I pick something out I'll find something nice!

Daisy said...

Great outfit! Such cute pictures!

Michaela said...

What a great outfit! I love the pink. So sweet. And Kaylee's shoes/leggings are darling!

With Each Passing Day said...

Love that Kaylee and your outfit matches each other and her shoe legging is so adorable. That's black pearl necklace is an awesome find.

cryskay said...

i dont thrift as much as i'd like... but maybe i will this weekend thanks to your post! its always a hit or miss, but that necklace is a great find! btw, congrats on winning the giveaway! let me know when you receive the package and which piece they end up sending ya! xx

Freckles Chick said...

I LOVE thrifting (obsessed w/ it to be more exact)!! Goodwill, flea markets, CraigsList, love them all.

How adorable is Kaylee, I just want to kiss her darling little cheeks. Kudos for taking her AND the Hubs. Mine won't go near a store unless it sells tools, ha! I can't wait until Quinn's old enough to know what thrifting is.

Um, if I can attempt to look even HALF as fab as you do, it would be a good day.

Sandy a la Mode said...

love how you and your lil one match soo well!! :) and i LOVE thrifting!!

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