DIY Cupcake::Jewelry Stand

12:08:00 PM

DIY Cupcake stand: can be used for many other things like organizing jewelry. Only $2 for this project!
Super easy project to do if you have a spare plate that you are not using anymore or you can go to any dollar or Thrift store to find one. I found my pretty turquoise plate and candle holder at the Dollar Tree near our house. Using Krazy Glue, I let it dry overnight under some textbooks and it was pretty sturdy the next day! 
I think it would be fun to spray paint the glass candle holder to white or a fun color next time I do this project again. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are cleaning, organizing and more extreme cleaning this weekend! :/
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8 sweet notes

  1. I'm so doing this! I love that plate of yours. The color is nice. I like the way the clear stand looks with that glossy plate finish. Thanks for the craft project idea! :)

  2. Too cute! I did something similar to display my sister's cupcakes for her Bridal Shower. It is such a fun and inexpensive little project!

  3. I have been wanting to do a version of this, and have been hunting for the right candlestick holders. This turned out fantastic!

  4. Thsnks for great idea and inspiration Yvonne. I am all cired up to makd one, perhaps i can try and make a two tier version.

  5. What a great way to make your own cake stands (for parties!). So many uses for it!

  6. Thanks for the idea. I am need to do this. What a great and fun way to store jewelry!


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