Free Whimsical Fonts for Valentine's Day

3:23:00 PM

{ 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 }
I love typography and I am alway searching for new fonts. These are some of my favorite free fonts to download at the moment. I am actually using Quicksand #4 for simplyvonne on my header right now. For the lace background, you can download that brush here.
These free fonts would be so perfect if you are planning on making a Valentine's day diy card! Have a good Thursday!

btw I was nominated for Circles of Mom, would love love to have your vote! I don't think you need to sign in or anything. Thank you so much!

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9 sweet notes

  1. Voted for you my dear!
    And you know the graphic designer in me loves a good font. Awesome list!

  2. Voted for you. I love 6. Thanks for the free fonts. =)

  3. I always love a good font and have always felt slightly nerdy about it. I'm glad someone else appreciates them too :) My favorite is the first :)

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! I voted for you! #10 :)


  5. How fun! I'll definitely vote for you and I am a new follower!!

  6. Aw this is cute! My brother's a graphic designer and all about typography too! Thanks for your lovely comment hun - love your blog. And you are so gorgeous!! hehe :)


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