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Couple weeks ago I got myself a gift! A canon 50mm f1.4 lens. Nice little upgrade from my 50mm f1.8, just in time for spring too! I haven't been able to play around with the lens until yesterday when it was in the 70s outside.  Here are some photos I took with the new lens. Really loving it so far!

Signs of Spring time!
Using my Anthropologie egg crate as jewelry holder.

My sweet friend got me some sweet macaroons. It was delicious! I am still at awe at how much these things are!
Homemade Thai Tea, my new addiction!
I simply love how nice and bright it is when I get home from work with this daylight saving.  I can finally capture some photos of Kaylee with natural lighting during weekdays

These little munchkins love the outdoor, wish I can take them out more often.
Walking 3 dogs and carrying a baby is definitely challenging!

It has been a busy busy week and I am so glad that it's Friday tomorrow! Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by!

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11 sweet notes

  1. I just love love your photography! I too have the 1.8... oh but now you have me itching for the 1.4! Your daughter is so lovely and cute. :)

  2. Nice lens! Great little models too.

  3. Yay! You get to click more and we get to see more pics now! Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  4. Yvonne...the pictures look amazing!!! one day....I will own a 1.4 and maybe an upgrade for the camera too. And, handmade Thai Tea?? I finally found it at the Asian market but I don't know how to brew(?) it. I will one day, though.


  5. Oh, I love your photos! So clear and gorgeous! Do you notice a big difference between the 1.8 and 1.4?

  6. So far I havent seen a huge significant on the photos just yet since I still need to play around with it. I do like how sturdy and tough the 1.4 is though. You can tell that it is better designed and is faster then the 1.8, plus has great depth of field!

  7. Love love your photos. They're always breathe taking. I especially adore the one with Kaylee and the pees in a pod photo.

  8. yay for a new lens! I love the shooting with the 50mm. And yay for more daylight! Always a bloggers best friend. ;)

    Your little girl is so sweet, I love how bright her eyes are in that picture. And I love that you take care of your pups too. Whenever I see moms out pushing their strollers and walking their dogs at the same time, I am super impressed and think they are amazing moms to be doing all that. I don't have a kid but I have 2 dogs and I know how much work those 2 can be! :)

  9. ummm. hello. so many things i love about this post. so where to start?!?!

    first of all. you are stunning gorgeous. just saying.

    second of all. you have inspired me to go and check out the awesomeness of anthro right now. how i miss that store.

    third of all. baby girl is just too adorable for words. way.too.adorable.

    other random items. love tai tea. love that pea pillow.


    happy weekend to you friend!

  10. hey, there! hope you're having a great wknd! love your toy dogs! i absolutely think papillons are gorgeous!! i admire you--walking three dogs and sweet k! that definitely must be challenging. :) i always love seeing photos of your little girl. she is such a little gem! how creative using the egg crate as a jewelry holder. thanks for the inspiration. :)

  11. Love the egg crate jewelry holder - pinned it! Also love how bright Kaylee's eyes always look. Beautiful photos :)


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