Lookbook: Dream Cream

9:16:00 AM

HM is having a 35% off one item till Sunday, I bought few items last week and can't wait to do lookbook on all of them. I scored this simple dress for about $12 and I love the floral Asian details on the front. This dress has pockets too! 
Cardigan, Dress ::HM Clutch ::Lulu Shoes ::Etienne Aigner

Random things I need to do this week:
Run at least 6 miles (I am running the CHKD 8K in June )
Organize my makeup which I have been putting off for weeks, need it to look like this again! 
Read my CSS book, did a workshop last week and I only read the first chapter!
Steam vacuum my house, my least favorite thing to do but with 3 dogs and a baby, someone gotta do it!
Relax and enjoy the simple things in life

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16 sweet notes

  1. What a pretty pretty dress!! And for $12, woo hoo! Run 6 miles, you go girl!! I hate vacuuming, so to steam clean on a holiday weekend...you are super mom!

  2. So pretty! Love the pictures and what a gorgeous location!
    Steam vacuum - ugh, tell me about it!
    Happy Wednesday xxx

  3. What a gorgeous dress! I love the simple shape and great pattern and the clutch is gorgeous with it.

  4. you look amazing! love the print~!! and you always have such great backgrounds for photos!

  5. Thats such a pretty dress! Love those red shoes too..

  6. The dress is amazing on you. I love dress with pocket. The clutch was a good choice. It work so well with the dress.

  7. I love how the painting-like flowers on your dress and the clutch stand out in the whole feel of pristine white. Not to forget the fiery red too!

    Thank you for answering me re the previous comment. =)

  8. Yvonne,
    I love your sweet blog! Come check mine out and let me know if you think it's a good fit as it relates to swapping buttons. I'm trying to keep them to a max of 10 :: will have room starting June 1st.

  9. Speaking of steam vaccuum, do you rent the vaccuum or do you have your own? Our carpet is so dirty now and I'm torn w/ renting vs buying one

  10. I love this look! I've not yet visited H&M because I know that 35% coupon is going to get used but I won't be able to decide what to get ahhh!

  11. Just so summery and lovely. This looks so great...I might have to check out my H&M soon..

    dela chic

  12. REALLY realy love that dress - so pretty! And it looks great with those shoes and that clutch :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. That dress is adorable ~ and what a steal!

    I'd love your input on my dress dilemma! :)

  14. Your dress and shoes are so pretty...such a dreamy dress.

  15. i was trying to comment on this post a few days ago via my iphone... but i always seem to have a hard time leaving comments with my phone...

    you look amazing! love this dress on you.. and what a fab deal. love the asian inspiration. :)

  16. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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