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Linking up today with Hello Hue on the little things:

Hello Hue Little Things

Sweet tea  is so dull and boring without fruits in it.  All you need is Lipton tea, sugar and add your favorite fruits. I love adding strawberries, peaches or lemons into my tea. nom nom

Watermelon does a lot more then just quench your thirst on a hot and humid summer's day. It's full of antioxidants! It can be used as a beauty aid to reduce skin blemishes, just rub a small piece on your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes before you rinse it with water!

I love these pom-poms in Kaylee's nursery.  So easy to make and can brighten up my  mood even when her room is messy!

Melissa made Kaylee a lot of cute bows while she was here to visit us

I am not a messy person but I have trouble keeping my bathroom organized! Good solution is to find a small basket and just throw everything in there :D

Love these 3 products that my friend Michelle introduce me to.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel, The Botanics toner

Thank you for taking your time and stopping by, have a great Wednesday!

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  1. That is a new and surprising thing to know that watermelon can be used to cure blemished. I can rub watermelon oncan my face while eating it now..haha. Your tea concotion looks and sounds refreshing. Those pom poms are lovely.

  2. Ive never tried sweet tea! It looks very inviting. All Ive had is the Indian Tea a version of which you get in Starbucks called 'Chai Tea Latte'.

  3. I use Botanics eye make-up remover and LOVE it!!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. All the little things shared here are so smile-worthy! The iced tea looks nummy to drink and i want to try the botanics line! Where do you get them?

  5. Love the idea of fruit in iced tea!

  6. Can I just say I love your blog! <3 The layout is to die for. And your pictures are wonderful. You're baby is too cute for words :)

    Followed you :)

  7. Oooh, now I want some fruit! And those pom poms are totally cute! I want some above my bed!

  8. I agree, putting fresh fruit (or fresh flowers) on/in anything makes it 20x better!

  9. love all the pretty things on your blog. i seriously feel like i'm reading a great magazine. :) i want to have those lanterns in my house! so pretty. :)

  10. I don't even like tea usually, but yours looks amazing! Love the poms too!

  11. I am all about small baskets to tidy up in the bathroom! I found some adorable ones at Trader Joe's of all places, and they have become a rather neat catch all! They are such an easy solution to the mess!

    Hopping over from the little things!

  12. I want to lick my screen...I crave watermelon daily...such pretty pics!

  13. Your pictures are just lovely! & I don't really like tea, but I bet my Mister would looove some tea with all that delicious fruit in it. :)

    Happy Friday! Stopping by from the Little Things link up.

  14. I never thought to put fruit in tea...I may have to try that!

  15. Love your pimped out ice tea! And great tip on watermelon for the face


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