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Flying with a baby tips: Buy a new toy and let  your baby open it at the airport or on the plane. It will keep them busy for a long time! She was so fascinated with her new toy that made the trip easy breezy! 

If you have an ipad/iphone, download a new app before the trip. It will keep them busy for awhile. Kaylee loves the smule magic piano! (it's free too!)

Kaylee was super excited to meet Dora and Diego at the Mall of America! 
She was in tears when we left :(

We ate a lot during our trip back to Minneapolis, from Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian..
nom nom nom.

We took Kaylee to Minnesota Children Museum and she was all smiles. Even our Hubs was all smiles, they are such kids!

Grandparents were so excited to see Kaylee, grandma took Kaylee on a shopping spree. She has so much clothes now!

Kaylee and her new boyfriend, uh oh!

Our chihuahuas (Jet and Miko) was super excited to have us back. They were so sad and depressed while we were away for two weeks!

Back to the gym after vaca, starting today I will be doing this ab and core workout challenge for 30 days! Hope I can keep up and keep everyone posted! Have a great Monday!

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16 sweet notes

  1. Love little K and thats all Im going to say :-)

  2. What a great tip for flying! And I love the pics of Kaylee and her new boyfriend :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time with your family. Thanks for the tips, Yvonne! Whatever to keep the little one occupy, right? Baby K is getting so big!

  4. You look great too mama! Looks like u guys had a fun trip. Kaylee is too cute! And your food pics are killing me! :)

  5. Awesome tips! That can be a tough age to travel with but she looks like she did great and had a fun time!
    This food...making me hungry!! Time for dinner.
    Good luck on the ab challenge!

  6. Ahh vacation. Those food pics are making me drool!! Cute family pic with Dora and Diego...Good luck on the ab challenge...the challenge for me is actually getting back into working out and sticking to it!!!!

  7. Such cute pics - and that food looks ahhhmazing!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. That is a fun and yummy trip you guys had right there. Kaylee seemed to do so good while traveling which was a great thing for you mama.

    Have fun with your core workout. I am still doing my challenge, it is hard on certain days when i get home late and dont have much time left after cooking and etc but i try to squeeze in a bit of time. After a few weeks, i start to gain more strenght in my core to where i can do harder position and see the muscles instead of fat there. I heard that the best way to get a fast result is to do a cardio as well to help burn fat. Lower ab area must be the hardest part to lose cuz i dont see much improvement there yet. A pooch is still there..sigh.

  9. Great photos!
    xx s

  10. That food looks amazing!! And your girl is so precious.

  11. That is such a brilliant trick to keep kids busy! The food looks absolutely delicious. Glad you had such a wonderful trip and hope the california sun treats you right when you come visit! =)


  12. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you immediately

  13. Could you + family be anymore adorable?! {I think not!}

    Just stopping by from Daisy Girl Productions. I am in a bit of a blog stalking mood..but I hope you don't mind if I stick around :)

    beautiful little girl! Looks like you're doing a fabulous job as a mommy! Looking forward to reading more posts!


  14. What a great idea to give the baby a new toy before traveling! And, you are seriously the cutest workout lady ever. Seriously!

  15. great tip about letting them use a new toy for a trip!! and whoa, a boyfriend already!?!? danggggg!! ;)

  16. baby k is so angelic! love seeing photos of you and your fam. :)


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