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Hi everyone! I'm Cee and I blog over at to brighten my day. I'm stepping in today for Yvonne while she's on vacation with her adorable family. Lucky duck. Summer, hands down my favorite time of the year. I was (still am) a tomboy growing up. I remember days and nights of running around without a care in the world. A skinned knee? No problem; it shows I can compete with the best of them. Mud stains? It's all good, as long as I don't track it inside the house. If I do, always lay the blame on my brother. Back then, my appearance mattered little to me. Years later, I'm finally getting it. A little grooming goes a long way. From a novice, here are some of my recent beauty obsessions:

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(1) Fav: Eyebrow threading Eyes are the window to your soul, so that makes eyebrows... the gatekeeper? If so, I've been slacking off on the job. Plucking requires patience, waxing is usually out of my way, so I tend to take the lazy way out and watch them grow bushy. Yuck. I finally worked up the courage a few weeks ago to try eyebrow threading for the first time. At the mall. In one of the kiosks where strangers walk by staring at you. I've been a few times now and the pain usually isn't that bad. The closer to the eyes, the more sensitive the skin, so I believe a threader's experience and technique make a difference. There was one time where tears were rolling uncontrollably down the side of my face and I could.not.stop. You'd have thought I had just finished watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. Everyone has different tolerance levels for pain, so I don't really know of an easy way to pick and choose a threader, aside from trying out different ones. While I personally won't be going back to the lady who made me cry, I later saw her threading eyebrows on another girl who was perfectly fine. So much for my self-proclaimed bring-on-the-pain attitude.

(2) Want: Lip color I read lots of blogs and flip through my share of magazines, but haven't ever really paid attention to lip color. Until a friend dragged me to Sephora one day and opened my eyes to the colorful world of lip gloss and lipstick. A newbie like me can't appreciate high-end brands, so I've been sticking with drugstore only. A boring pinkish-red from Revlon was my first foray into colorful lips. Baby steps, I tell myself. Next on my wishlist is a peachy-coral color. Doesn't that scream summer fun? 

(3) Fav: Fierli shampoo I have thick, coarse, frizzy, and wavy hair. It resembles an afro on a good day and a bird's nest on my worst days. It takes me forever to style so I usually clip it up or tie into a ponytail. I value my sleep in the mornings so I've never really learned to manage my hair. We're talking about over a decade of procrastination! My stylist recently introduced me to Fierli shampoo. She warned that it's more expensive than the cheapo drugstore products I've been using (and I've tried a lot), but she believes that it will do my hair wonders. Holy crap, $50 for a 16.9 oz bottle of shampoo better be a miracle worker. I've got to say, from the very first time that I started using it, my hair has completely transformed itself. The piecey/beachy waves that I've been coveting on others suddenly started appearing! Well, semi-appearing. On some days when I want more visible waves, I'll run my curling iron quickly through. On days when I don't do anything, my hair still feels soft amidst all the humidity. I have noticed that if I use too much, my hair dries out, so moderation is key. My hair isn't completely frizz-free, but the shampoo has certainly helped cut down a lot of it.

(4) Want: Short hair Now that I've finally figured out a way to manage my frizzy hair, I can't believe I'm contemplating chopping it off. Whenever I see others sporting cute short haircuts, I become green with envy because I know there's no way I can keep up the styling until my hair grows back out. I'm certainly rethinking my stance now. I can already picture it: a cute, wispy, angled bob that's perfect for combating the summer heat. All I need now is to get over this irrational fear of parting with long hair. Thank you so much for letting me share!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cee about a month ago and she is the sweetest. Kaylee was all smiles when she met Cee too! Thank you Cee for sharing your Summer Favs! I think you would look so good with a short hair btw! Have a good Monday everyone!

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8 sweet notes

  1. I love those shades of lip color. I need to be more experimental myself.

  2. Hi Cee! I love your summer picks. I also am trying lip colors for fun too. My favs are Revlon's "Lip Butters" because they are sheer and I don't have to be afraid of the color. It's funny you want short hair because I want long hair. The grass is always greener right? Just do it, I say. It'll grow back!

  3. I get waxed but a little bit afraid of threading. . . may stick to waxing and plucking as I'm not sure of who would be great here in Chicago :) love that you compared it to watching a Nicholas Spark's movie.

  4. @Sarah Stright - Hope you have as much fun as I do experimenting!

    @lisacng - Oooh thanks for the Lip Butters rec! I'll be keeping my eyes out for those the next time I'm at Target.

    @Jen - How does your pain tolerance level feel about waxing? I don't find it to hurt at all plus it's really quick. Threading is definitely more drawn out, both the process and the pain. I wish waxing is cheaper, more convenient, and lasts longer though.

  5. I've been plucking my eyebrows since I was 13 so am mostly used to the sensation. That said, threading is still a little painful for me. I think it's because SO MANY hairs are being pulled out in one swift motion. I love the results though!

    Re: hair. I've had so many bad (short) haircuts that I have a fear of losing my long hair too. Short hair + round face = giant moon effect. At least you have an oval face! As long as your hair continues to cooperate, any hairdo will look nice on you :)

  6. I always got my eyebrows waxed but they made me break out... Now I'm curious to try threading! Hmm... Thanks for sharing, Cee!

  7. @SewPetiteGal - We always want what we can't have it seems like :) I can't wear my long hair stick straight or else I look like I have an even longer face, haha. Definitely still exploring my options though!

    @Megan - I break out a little with threading too :( So I don't know if that's going to be a better alternative for you over waxing.

  8. I clicked on the hair photo and now I'm contemplating this haircut!!!...


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