Look Book: Pretty Shade of Blue (eShakti}

10:07:00 PM

I received this beautiful pretty fifties colorblock dress from eShakti few weeks ago, just in time for Kaylee's birthday party! I am a bit of obsessed with stripes so this dress definitely caught my eyes as I was looking through their website. They are now offering size 0-36W! What I love about them is they also provide options to remove/include embroidery, pockets or other embellishments on their products. How cool right?!

eShakti is now offering 20% off to all my readers right now! SMPLYVNNE for promo code!

Check out these beautiful affordable bridesmaid's dresses!


::From Kaylee's birthday party over the weekend:: 
Can't wait to share more when I have time to edit the photos!

- I have been wearing braces for about 3 months now and I still feel like an awkward 15 year old girl
( I have about 2 yrs left! OMG)
- I lost about 10lbs due to braces which I guess it is not a bad thing :/
- Starting this weekend, I will train for an 8K run (it's been monthsss since I ran! Wish me luck!)
- I am having a hard time getting my husband to take photos for my look book lol
- I started a new job in a corporate world couple months ago and I am loving it! Super busy therefore I can not blog as much :/
- Super excited about the daylight saving this Sunday!!

Thanks for visiting! 

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14 sweet notes

  1. you look AMAZING in that dress, sweetie!!!

  2. i got a dress from there too and I love it!
    I'm so glad you joined our world!

  3. That's such a lovely dress and perfect timing for your little one's special day. Maybe I should get braces (again) so I can lose the pesky 10 lbs that I've been trying to lose!! haha Good luck on the 8k.. I'm starting to train again soon for a few 5k's this year!

  4. You look like a little girl in that dress! Love it..♥

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  6. Beautiful dress! Glad things are going well in the new job. :)

    I had braces for almost 4 yrs! Crazy. Your smile will be even more beautiful when it's done. :)

  7. The dress fits your perfectly! I'm loving eShakti ever since I won a dress on your blog! (No pix though, talk about hard to take outfit photos). Happy 2nd birthday to Kaylee!! Hang in there with the braces! You must be the only person excited for DST. I despise time change and the crankiness from sleepy boys in my house! :P

  8. where did you have that 10 pounds to lose? You always look so slim and wonderful Yvonne! The dress fits you so well. Can wait to see the rest of the party pics..

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to Kaylee! The dress is beautiful on you.

  10. Yvonne, how have you been? I don't seem to get your blog updates on my reading list anymore so I'm surprised to see that this post was on the reading list.

    You look so ravishing. I love your curls.

    Happy belated birthday to Kaylee.

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  12. What a pretty mama :) You look absolutely gorgeous Yvonne :) That colour looks really beautiful on you!

  13. Blue looks really good on you, Yvonne! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating K's birthday with your family. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    I really like your blog and your style!
    I´m following you :)
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