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Kaylee's Nursery Updated!

{: Sharing my favorite space in our home :} Kaylee's Nursery White shelves from Ikea Baby clothes are so adorable, why hide them away in a dresser. I love displaying all her cute dresses and she does not tug them at all! Tiffany and Company piggy bank from Auntie Myly and Uncle Jack Artworks designed by me to give her room some personal touch Kaylee's newborn photos are done by the talented  DCPG photography and Design !  Having a professional photographer is so important because they can capture all the sweet moments for you to cherish forever. You can see more here  and check our their website . Leftover pompoms from Kaylee's baby shower and 1st birthday Party . They are too adorable to throw away, make the room look so colorful and lively.  This spot look familiar? This is where we take her monthly photos ! You can see the old reveal here !   Don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway !

How To Prepare for Lunar New Year

  February 12, 2021, marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox according to the lunar calendar. Due to the pandemic, Lunar New Year is a bit different for our family this year but we definitely made the best out of it by decorating our house with hoa mai flowers (I found out it's called Ochna integerrima). The kids had fun dressing up in their traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai and received lucky money in a red envelope from family.  We all celebrate Lunar New Year differently but this is what I normally like to do: ONE: Before New Year Day, I like to deep clean the house. Do I believe that I will have better luck in the upcoming new year if my house is cleaned? Maybe not but I do believe in a clear state of mind with an organized clean home.  TWO: Decorate our home with spring followers. Hoa Mai or just fresh flowers around the house to welcome the marking of spring according to the Lunar calendar. THREE: Buy fruits and display them on a tray. Fruits I normally get are bananas, a r

Christmas Home Tour

The most wonderful time of the year is here! This year we added another 9 foot tree to the front entry from King of Christmas and it look pretty magical. Here is a look at couple of rooms we decorated.  The best way to for us to decorate for Christmas is to do it little by little. I do not decorate all the rooms at the same time. We normally put up our family Christmas tree before Thanksgiving and leave it up without any ornaments for about a week. It's too stressful to try to do it all at once and with 3 kids, it's just not possible. Family Room Dining Room Den The kids love taking pictures in front of the tree. I hope these photos inspire you and thanks for visiting!

Logan Vinh Huynh

"To my son, never forget that I love you with all my heart. Life is filled with hard times but also good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the man I know you can be."

Kitchen Renovation using Kitchen Refresh Company

Goodness, last time I blogged was 3 years ago when Evie was just few months old! Since then, so much has happened. Such as, welcoming baby boy Logan, who is now 2yrs old, Evie is 3 and Kaylee is turning 8 this Friday! Next month will mark our 5 years living in our home so I thought why not do a home update. Last Fall, we updated our kitchen using  Kitchen Refresh . We spend so many hours in our kitchen that it became the place where we all gather to hang out, eat and mingle. I was never a big fan of the honey oak cabinets and knew that we would need to update it someday. We also did not want to get rid of the cabinets because they are still really nice and sturdy.  We had Kitchen Refresh painted the cabinets and put new shaker doors to brighten up the room. Here is the evolution of our kitchen. We updated our island with granite countertop Kitchen Refresh painted our cabinets, we had to wait few days for the paint to dry before they could install the new doors. Here


Meet Evelyn Thuy Tien. My beautiful sassy outgoing little firecracker. She is such a joy to our family. Born October 03, 2015 at 11: 25AM at alb 12oz (same as her sister Kaylee!) at 19 inches. Will be updating this blog with photos of the kids and their little adventures, come along!