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Coco and Miko in a Bag

Few weeks ago, I entered a picture of Coco chilling on the bed for a Pet Photo Contest for fun sponsored by Since I work for the company, I am not eligible to win the grand prize ($1500 cash) Coco actually won the internal contest though! therefore I got beach blanket and other a really nice beach bag. Well here is Coco loving her new bag..chilling with her brother, Miko.

Wedding Pictures Part II {Vietnamese/American Ceremony}

We had 2 ceremonies for our wedding. A Vietnamese traditional ceremony which I am wearing a pink ao dai and a traditional American wedding in my brother's backyard. I get asked a lot about my Vietnamese gown, for anyone wondering where I got was custom designed for me from Vietnam...thanks to my lovely sister in law =) {mini water bottle designed by me}

Free Wedding Invitation Templates

I found a great site for wedding invitation templates that you can use to download to for free! I wish I knew about this site a year ago, oh well I still had a great time designing my own. Here are some of my fav: { Please visit for more!}

Cute Spring Purses for Cheap

Spring is in the air and I love all the bright colors that associated with spring. This spring I am loving the color lime green. I gathered up some cute, affordable, purses that is prefect for this season. Some are from Target, and who doesn't love Target. Some I found on Etsy store, which is all handmade.

My Wedding Pics Part I

Our wedding pictures from back in September of 09. The wedding was taken place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I did my own makeup and had my hair done for the reception by sweet Angelique Verver.  Photography by talented Christopher Reistroffer and some shots of ring and invites by me. Our wedding was very affordable since we did a lot of DIY things. I designed the invites and also our guestbook. My sister-in-law and I did my bouquet and had tons of help from my awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen. My family took care of the was an eventful and special day for us! { We are so thankful to have wonderful friends and family in our lives. Our wedding was amazing because of them! }