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Kitchen Renovation using Kitchen Refresh Company

Goodness, last time I blogged was 3 years ago when Evie was just few months old! Since then, so much has happened. Such as, welcoming baby boy Logan, who is now 2yrs old, Evie is 3 and Kaylee is turning 8 this Friday! Next month will mark our 5 years living in our home so I thought why not do a home update. Last Fall, we updated our kitchen using  Kitchen Refresh . We spend so many hours in our kitchen that it became the place where we all gather to hang out, eat and mingle. I was never a big fan of the honey oak cabinets and knew that we would need to update it someday. We also did not want to get rid of the cabinets because they are still really nice and sturdy.  We had Kitchen Refresh painted the cabinets and put new shaker doors to brighten up the room. Here is the evolution of our kitchen. We updated our island with granite countertop Kitchen Refresh painted our cabinets, we had to wait few days for the paint to dry before they could install the new doors. Here