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Thankful for my friends

I turned 30 a few weeks ago and it was enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing to celebrate another wonderful year with some awesome people in my life. My journey to 30, I have learned so much and I still have a lot left to learn. Life has many wonderful lessons left to teach me. I learn that I need to do less and just enjoy the moment. My weakness is wanting things to be perfect but when in reality there is no such thing as perfection. The house will eventually get cleaned and the laundry can be put away later, instead I need to cease the moment and stop looking at the checklist and tasks and focus on what I love. Do less since I try to do too much all at once. Life is too short to stress over the small things.   Girlfriends make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful.  I am forever grateful of my friends who took their time out of their busy day and celebrated my big 30 with me. Blessed to have an awesome group of friends that care about me

Ao Dai and Wedding Outfits

Over the weekend, we attended our friend's traditional Vietnamese wedding and I was very excited for Kaylee to wear her ao dai. I can not get enough how adorable she look in her Vietnamese traditional dress! I made her hair piece the day before the wedding since I couldn't find any of her yellow bows. She did well and wore it throughout the ceremony! This expression warms my heart. She saw a squirrel on the rooftop and she was so excited! haha! I bought my ao dai in CA while I was there for a wedding a month ago and I love the simple look and the pink/blue contrast K's outfit for wedding reception. Cute black dress with a pop of red. She stole the purse from a friend  haha! Look at the way she is holding her purse! I have to admit that she is a happy baby! She has her moments but overall were soooo lucky that she's always smiling! I had to make sure that I matched with my little fashionista. Loved the wedding favor! Congrats to the lovely beautiful co

Photography:: Phuong + Kala

September has been such a crazy busy month but I just want stop in real quick to share with you some of my photography work I did.  I had the honor of shooting our friend's engagement and bridal shoot and so excited to finally show off the photos. The wedding was yesterday but we took the bridal shoot couple weeks ago so they can have photos to display at their wedding reception. I'll post up some photos of us attending the wedding later this week. K got to wear her beautiful traditional Vietnamese ao dai for the morning ceremony. K and I have matching outfits for the reception :D haha! If you follow me on instagram ( simplyvonne9 ) you might already seen K in her cute ao dai. I recently open up a Facebook page so I can show off some of my photography work. I have about 4 likes right now. haha! so...I would love your support!!!  I haven't been advertising it since I don't have much on there just yet.  Have a great Monday!

Blissful Beach Day

 1/4000 sec at f/ 2.0 ISO 400 (had to turn up the ISO bc we were in the shades) All photos in the sun shot at 1/4000 sec at f/ 2.0 ISO 100 I took last Friday off to relax with the family, we decided to head to the beach since Kaylee can't get enough of the sand. I love how peaceful the beach is at this time of year. The sun was luminous and bright with a nice cool ocean breeze. Not too hot, simply perfect fall weather. The tourist season is over so we felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. Hope you are having a great week so far!