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Mocha Coconut

Dress f21 :Cardigan Loft Bag Michael Kors Sunglasses Michael Kors Necklace Flawed Perfection :::Today I spoiled myself with a Mocha Coconut from Starbucks because::: I am training for a 10K starting tomorrow. The race is on Oct 30th! Goodbye to sugary drinks, hello water! I would like my prebaby body back or close enough :/ I will try eat healthy food more greasy food!! Ok at least until the race is over ! :D These pictures were taking by an awesome coworker during our little lunch break! 

Weekend with Irene

Getting water and food before meeting Irene. People were buying water bottles like it was gold! I took the LAST rotisserie chicken at Sams Club! whew! ( btw sorry these photos were taken by my iphone so not the greatest quality..but will do:) Rocking my diaper bag lol Gotta make sure we have enough dog food for our three lil babies! All we did on Saturday was staying in and watching the news, hoping and praying that Irene won't put too much damages in our community. Hubby placed the airbed in the living room so that we can be in one room in case the power goes out. (back to reg camera) She is such a daddy's lil girl. Her eyes sparkles every time she's with him. Watching the weather channel..looking pretty serious! I survived my first hurricane in the East Coast. Luckily there were no damages in our neighborhood and we had no power for only 1 night. Actually the only damage was gaining few pounds from eating way too much on Saturday because I was so ner

Red Polka Dots

This week has been a crazy week. We had an unexpected earthquake on Tuesday and let's be honest, it freaked me out! The lights on ceiling was moving back and forth and I was getting really dizzy. I work on 16th floor and September 11 was flashing through my mind. All I could think of at that moment was to grab all my things and run down 16 flights of stairs. The whole building was evacuated and we didn't know that it was a 5.9 earthquake until we were outside. We couldn't call anyone because all phone lines were down. I couldnt reach my husband to make sure that him and Kaylee were safe. Thanks goodness for Facebook because that was my only way of contacting him at the moment. I came home and gave Kaylee many kisses that day. Now that I'm over the earthquake, I have to think about the hurricane this weekend. We are looking at Cat. 2 and it will reach our area on Sunday at 2am with approx. over 100mph! Yikes! We got a letter from our CEO saying this is a serious storm

East Coast Earthquake 5.9

Via Famous DC and jmckinley "Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, as we look to recover from the devastation of today's quake!"

OOTD::Weekend Recap

I remember when I was pregnant, I wore this top all the time. I wore it up to about 9 months since it was really I just love the ruffle details. Newest Purchase:: Amrita Singh Necklace $150 Price paid: $20 Hubby and I had such a relaxing weekend. It seems like we are always running around doing errands or too busy cleaning up the house that we forget to just sit back..relax and enjoy each other. We went over to our friend's house on Saturday and all we did was eat, watched Something Borrowed (LOVE this movie!) and eat some more. She clearly did not get my itsy bitsy small eyes whew! Thank you for visiting and I hope you had a great weekend! Let's hope this week will go by fast eh?

Yellow Lemonade & Winner

Kaylee milestone :: 5 months 2 weeks :: starting to sit up for couple minutes :: loves organic oatmeal cereal, kisses, dogs, laughter My precious baby, as I hold you close in my arms, I can feel your heart beating next to mine as if we are one. You are the light of my life and shine my world with hope and happiness. Thank you so much everyone who entered for the giveaway! Cassie, if you can email me your address, I will send you your gift! {yvhuynh @ gmail} Happy Friday and have a great weekend! {virtual hugs from baby K}