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Our First Snow!

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? J. B. Priestley I grew up with a lot of snow and never really appreciate the beauty of the beautiful falling sparkles until I moved to Virginia. We hardly ever get snow here so it is magical event when the snow is falling. Although people can't seem to drive, in 7 hours, over 200 accidents were reported :( Wishing you a beautiful week with your love ones. Im off spending some time with my little family since work has been kicking my behind a lil bit lately :)

Beautiful 50

If you are a long time follower, you know I don't normally do big photography events. Few weeks ago I got asked to do a 50th anniversary celebration but I wasn't confident since I have never done one before. These people believed in me and they really want me to be their photographer. I am so glad I did it because I learned so much about indoor photography. I guess when you believe, anything is possible. I am so excited to take my photography into the next level. I will continue to share more photography gig on this little blog of mine that I have been neglecting due to mommy duties and work. Have a wonderful week!


Every year my husband would hide my Christmas gifts. He would give me clues to where they are located by writing them notecards. He is very poetic too! He knew I really wanted this Banana Republic jacket so he went back to mall on Christmas Eve to get it for me. He can be very sweet at times. Here is our Christmas Cards this year. Such a big girl now! Kaylee is 22 Months today!! She can count to 10 and can sing the alphabet! On Christmas Morning aw our babies! My two new toys! 35mm f/2.0 Wide Angle Lens and new Speedlite flash!!! eek so excited to get them this week! Happy New Year, I am very lucky to have this lil sweetheart to share my midnight kiss with! hehe her expressions are priceless!! I wish I can clone myself so I have more time to do other things..important things like sit around watching Hallmark movies all day long :) Have a great week. Until next time!