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{ Auntie and I }

I finally got around to posting these pictures of my sister and I when she was in town few weeks ago. We both took Kaylee to the DCPG photoshoot that day and took advantage of the nice weather to do some photos of ourselves too. can say it, we look alike. We get that ALOT. This sweet little girl ran up to Kaylee and I and wanted me to carry her. She was super cute so we just had to take a pix of her with us. What did we do after the shoot?? we went for some Red Ribbon Bakeshop! (their Mango Cake is so delish!) She is always on her phone! Huge thank you for everyone who voted for Kaylee! She made it to rank #25 out of over thousands!!! If you dont mind, can you vote can vote everyday until Sunday! Click here to vote (My husband who rarely goes on Facebook told me today that he went onto the fb games to have people vote for isnt that love haha!) Dont you want to vote for this sweet face? :D

Wish I can draw...

I found this beautiful drawing online couple weeks ago and thought to myself "gosh I wish I drew it!" I use to draw back when I was young but it has been so long that I'm just not very good anymore. I don't know who is the original artist is because I would love to give credit to them. I took the drawing into photoshop and play around with it. I'm going to print it out and put it in the nursery. =) btw on a different note, last Friday I was browsing through and submitted a photo of kaylee for fun on one of their contest..this morning I got an email saying Kaylee is in the finalist for this week winners. Pretty neat! If you dont mind, can you just vote for her here ? It doesnt take very long and You don't have to sign up or anything. Thank you so much! Click on the photo to vote p.s. I honestly submitted for fun and didn't think she was going to be in the finalist, so please dont think im one of those parents that would sign my kids u

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Last week Kaylee had her 3rd month photoshoot with the awesome local photographers DCPG . Weather hasn't been kind to us so we had postpone the shoot several times. Originally Cies and I came up with this cool crazy idea of doing balloons, and fruits but we ran out of time and thought it might be better if we wait to do that idea for her 6 month shoot. (yes she is going to have a lot of photos to look back to when she's older!) Here are some photos I snapped of DCPG in action! so glad that Kaylee behaved really well during the shoot! And here are the photos..Love how Kaylee is all smiles! I am so happy with the photos!!! btw If you are in Virginia Beach area, they are having a photo booth special going on right now! They are a hit at weddings! They are also having a special $325 for a shoot + high resolution files..usually high res files are like $800, so it's a pretty good deal running til july 15th! Hope you enjoy the behind the scenes pictures from

I'm Motivated!

Here is a little late recap of my weekend. I recently ran the CHKD 8K race (5 mile) My goal was to just run the whole thing without stopping and I am happy to say that I did it! It feels so good to set a goal and made it! Trust me, I hate running but because I am so motivated to get my pre-prego body back and with no time to gym..running is the best option for me. I usually get up around 5am and run a mile or more couple times a week if I'm not lazy tired. My next race is the 10k this October and I really want to do the Shamrock half marathon next March if I am ready. I was kinda bummed that we didnt get to take any pix before the run so most of these are right after the race. The race was at 730AM so we were super tired and exhausted..oh and not to mention that it was in the 90s that day!! My running partner! I don't think I can run the whole thing without her. (check out her engagement photos I did for her here !) Hubby looking pretty tired..he beat me by 40 sec!!!

My Little Bear

We received a package last week that was addressed to Kaylee but we had no idea who it was from. They had ordered it from Etsy and only had the shop's address on there. Thanks to Fb, we found out who sent it to us (our friend back home-shout out to Jennifer , Tc and baby Adoree) and now I just can't wait for cooler weather so she can sport this awesome hat. She is loving it too, look at her smiling! I am finally back to my daily schedule now so I will be posting more I promise =) Have a great Wednesday!

Happy Father's Day

This picture was taken last year for Father's day. It was just us and our furry babies. This year, we are so thankful to have Kaylee join in with the furry babies. She is getting along so well with the dogs...wait for another few years, she is going to be chasing them around the house! To me a father is someone who is there for us, guide us, protect us and chase all the bad boys away ;) I am so glad that my father fought all his might so we can have the life we have today. I am blessed to have a wonderful man as my husband who I know will love his daughter unconditionally and definitely will chase all the bad boys away. Happy Father's day!