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3:31:00 PM

I finally got around to posting these pictures of my sister and I when she was in town few weeks ago. We both took Kaylee to the DCPG photoshoot that day and took advantage of the nice weather to do some photos of ourselves too.
Yes..you can say it, we look alike. We get that ALOT.

This sweet little girl ran up to Kaylee and I and wanted me to carry her. She was super cute so we just had to take a pix of her with us.

What did we do after the shoot?? we went for some Red Ribbon Bakeshop! (their Mango Cake is so delish!)

She is always on her phone!

Huge thank you for everyone who voted for Kaylee! She made it to rank #25 out of over thousands!!! If you dont mind, can you vote again..you can vote everyday until Sunday! Click here to vote

(My husband who rarely goes on Facebook told me today that he went onto the fb games to have people vote for Kaylee..now isnt that love haha!)

Dont you want to vote for this sweet face? :D

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14 sweet notes

  1. Cute photos!! LOVE both of your dresses that you two wore!

  2. OMGGGG!!! she's SO gorgeous, vyonne!!!

    i LOVE that 1st picture of her in the pink beanie. i can't get enough of her cute facial expression and huge eyes. and her smile.... so sweet.

    i'll keep voting!! add me on fb. :) we shall be friends! haha

    & your sister... is really your twin right!? you two are identical!


  3. omg the last three ahh so cute! I also love every single dress in this post want!

  4. yay for sister time! such great photos!!!!

  5. Yup, you and your sister look alike :) But it's not a bad thing... right? I've always wondered what it's like to have a semi-twin, haha. Seriously, how does Kaylee look adorable in every.single.pic?! She is so photogenic. The second to last photo of her making a kissy face??? TOO ADORABLE!

  6. Love both dresses so gorgeous. Goodness I just want to pinch your baby so is so darn cute. You got my vote.

  7. you have such a beautiful family!! love all your dresses!!

  8. You two do look similar but each of you has such unique beauty and personality. LOVE every single picture here. I do not have a sister so I am sure it's fun to have one as a friend too.

    Kaylee has sweet dolly eyes..I don't see that a lot in most Asian babies. With her cute lil face and your awesome photos, I am hoping she is moving to #1 soon. Go Kaylee!!!

  9. Voted for Kaylee again :) Hope she wins.

  10. lovely dress !


  11. the pictures are too adorable!

    - True


  12. K a few things...
    1) I LOVE your dress!!!
    2) You and your sister are both so gorgeous! My sisters and I get asked all the time if we are twins when I see major differences! ha ha!
    3) What photoshop actions do you use? Kaylee's photos are amazing! Could use some tips!

  13. You guys really do look a lot alike :) Lovely pictures and what a sweet auntie your sis makes :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  14. i love your sister's dress and your dress too!!

    oh, and i love red ribbon too! but there is none up here in canada :(


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