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Happy 2nd! Decor and More!

Wrapping paper as a backdrop Tissue paper #2, Fun and easy little diy I made the week before her bday while watching the Oscars :) Who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberry!! Delicious! Baked these yummy delicious cupcakes for the first time! Not to brag but it was a hit! lol Kaylee at 3M, 6M, 1Yr and 18M   I can cook too, is it good? You be the judge :) Come over anytime for dinner! We had so much fun this year planning Kaylee's 2nd birthday Party! I did not go extreme on the decor and we just wanted to keep it simple and minty. She had such a good time that day and did not go to bed until midnight! (Don't judge us, were good parents..promise) Kaylee is so lucky to have so many great people in her life and came for her special day!

Look Book: Pretty Shade of Blue (eShakti}

Dress: Fifties colorblock dress from eShakti I received this beautiful pretty fifties colorblock dress from eShakti few weeks ago, just in time for Kaylee's birthday party! I am a bit of obsessed with stripes so this dress definitely caught my eyes as I was looking through their website. They are now offering size 0-36W! What I love about them is they also provide options to remove/include embroidery, pockets or other embellishments on their products. How cool right?! eShakti is now offering 20% off to all my readers right now! SMPLYVNNE for promo code! Check out these beautiful affordable bridesmaid 's dresses! ::Source:: ::From Kaylee's birthday party over the weekend::  Can't wait to share more when I have time to edit the photos! Lately: - I have been wearing braces for about 3 months now and I still feel like an awkward 15 year old girl ( I have about 2 yrs left! OMG) - I lost about 10lbs due to braces which I guess it is not a bad thing

Minty Birthday Girl!

Watch out world, we officially have a 2 year old running around the house!! Happy birthday Kaylee girl!!! My sweet little princess, you are an amazing daughter! You taught us the real meaning of love and laughter. You have grown so beautifully but I want you to stay little forever. Thank you for for filling us with so much of your sweetness. Happy 2nd birthday my little minty princess. Can't wait to share photos from her birthday bash. She had a great time and didn't want to go to bed. We let her stayed up till midnight! please dont judge us lol Take a look at her first birthday here ! We didn't go all out with decor this year for her birthday but it was fun a blast!