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I'm inspired

I love love browsing through other blogger's home. This week I am so inspired by Mandi beautiful home..i love her blog too! has this unique vintage feel to it. As I was looking through her blog, I found that Apartment Therapy also featured her home.. click here to view the whole article. This image is too cute, reminds me of my dog, Coco {:: image via candimandi.typepad ::}

New Chandelier

Our new chandelier that we bought from Ikea is finally up! We got it about a year ago and my husband somehow never got around to install it. Since our dining room is pretty small, we didn't want to get anything huge that would look too overwhelming. The chandelier was extremely affordable which was a plus! Here is the before the new chandelier and the after: just subtle and simple

My blogger assistant, Coco

Meet Coco, 1.5 yr old Yorkie who loves to beat up her three flurry brothers. She wont take no for an answer and loves attention. She is always picture ready and is very sassy, I'm not sure if it's a yorkie thing. See Coco in action!!!! =D it's actually pretty funny Have a lovely weekend!

Featured on Creamylife

The lovely Ludmila from featured our home yesterday and I just have to share because she is such an awesome blogger and writer. She is also contributing author on Enterijer – Serbian site, which is more a guide for those people who embrace the art of designing and decorating. Thanks Ludmila for featuring me on your lovely blog! p.s. she's having $40 gift certificate giveaway to CSN store so go check it out! She found me through Decomyplace -which is site where people all around the globe share their real living spaces and ideas. I first heard about Decomyplace few months back when the founder sent me an email because he saw my home tour on Flickr . He asked if I would join the site and share some of my home photos in there and so I did. He was super nice and actually upload all my photos up for me, and I had to do was become a member. =) While I'm on this topic, I would also like to thank Going Home to Roost and Lovely Undergrad for also featuring my l

My design work

I realize I haven't done any post on Graphic Design, and it is what I do every day. I am a web graphic designer in a corporate world and I can truly said that I love what I do. I love to create something simple and transform it into something beautiful. Here are some of my work. Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. — Charles Eames I have always been fascinated with all aspects of design...from print to web design, fashion, interior design, and I recently just got hooked on photography.

10 min meal

It has been a busy week for me so I am definitely glad that it is Friday. Going to lay out at the beach and hang out with all 4 of my little monsters. This morning, I was running late for work but I actually made really yummy lunch. It seriously only took me 10 minutes to make it and well 10 min to take the pix and upload it too:) Doesnt it look delish. My secret? Bertolli Chicken Florentine and Farlalle. I got it from Sams club, but I think they have it at Walmart also. If you haven't try this, you should, it's so good! Hope you guys have a great weekend..and here is a new pictures of my lil monsters.

The simple things

Simple things make me happy, whether strolling along the park with hubby and puppies, or just relaxing at the beach. Even when decorating our home, simplicity is the main key. Sometimes, the small simple things make a house a home, you don't really need to have expensive furniture decorate your place. When decorating our home, we just worked with what we have and were pretty happy with the results. Here are some of the simple things in our little nest. A happy home ::}} Laugh Often, Live Well, Love Much hmm I need to dust often! =D My parents got these vases for us from South Dakota, so we drove 24 hours to drive these back to Virginia Beach.O_o Didn't think we would paint our wall chocolate brown, but we sure did! adding white chandeliers to bring out the color. Hope you enjoy the little tour, to view more of the before and after pictures...please visit our nest

Bargain Shopping

O My! There has been a lot of sales lately. I'm trying my best not to shop too much since my husband and I are planning a trip in September for our 1 year wedding annie. It really doesn't help that my office is right across from the mall. Let just say that I have been hiding my shopping bags when I get home from work O_o The great thing is that I found really great deals on business casual clothes for work from H&M and NY and Company. I just want to share some great deals that I got. Pretty scarf from H&M The price is just $1!!!!! so I got 2! Another pretty purple scarf only $5 I love this chiffon scarf..super soft! I got from scandals to work of $33 for all 4 shoes! I couldnt resist! This was just $7 at H&M Will match perfectly with my summer purse This dress is extremely cute on! $5 from Arden B Here is a closer look at the details I also got awesome deals on Jewelry. The brown/green necklace was only $2 from NY&Co and tons o