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O My! There has been a lot of sales lately. I'm trying my best not to shop too much since my husband and I are planning a trip in September for our 1 year wedding annie. It really doesn't help that my office is right across from the mall. Let just say that I have been hiding my shopping bags when I get home from work O_o The great thing is that I found really great deals on business casual clothes for work from H&M and NY and Company. I just want to share some great deals that I got.

Pretty scarf from H&M

The price is just $1!!!!! so I got 2!

Another pretty purple scarf

only $5

I love this chiffon scarf..super soft!

I got from scandals to work of $33 for all 4 shoes! I couldnt resist!

This was just $7 at H&M

Will match perfectly with my summer purse

This dress is extremely cute on! $5 from Arden B

Here is a closer look at the details

I also got awesome deals on Jewelry. The brown/green necklace was only $2 from NY&Co and tons of earrings for only $2.

I'm pretty proud of myself for finding such great deals!

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4 sweet notes

  1. Fantastic finds! I was at H&M today too and unfortunately those brown wedges slipped off even in a 5. I also wanted to get that $5 scarf but I already have the taupe version. I totally didn't see that other one for $1!!

    I really like your jewelry rack...I need something like that to keep the chains separated.

  2. Wow those are awesome bargains! The scarves are pretty and I can't believe they're only $1! And I'm so jealous of your full jewelry tree! I've been thinking about getting one but it would look so sad because I only have like 4-5 pieces lol.

  3. I got a 6 but have to put those cushions inside so it won't slip off though.
    Thanks girls, I got the jewelry rack from Ross few months back but put the ones i use more often on's like my lil xmas tree version =)

  4. Bargain shopping is so much fun! I am going to have to stop by H&M before I head back to my small town!


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