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Mall of America Bound

While we were in Minnesota couple weeks ago, we had to stop by Mall of America to check out the Nickelodeon Universe. When I was living there, they had Camp Snoopy but they changed it couple years ago.  Mall of America was the highlight of Kaylee's trip since she saw all her favorite TV characters in real life. Especially Dora, Diego and Kai Lan! Waving at Kai Lan, she was hoping to get her attention She kept wanting to touch Dora and Kai Lan, to see if they were real I think hehe She was all smiles until we had to leave. She was in tears! She still so adorable even though she's crying! Lego Land Quick stop at Tea Garden for some yummy refreshments What a fun eventful day at the Mall of America! Have you guys been there? It's huge, 4-5 stories high!  Hope you are having a great week so far!

Kimochi Huggtopus

So grateful to see this happy adorable face each day.  Please don't grow up so fast Kaylee, mommy is just getting the hang of this whole parenting thing! Can you please stay this little and adorable forever!  Kaylee recently received this adorable Kimochi (means "feeling" in Japanese) Huggtopus from Hullabalu . Check out their site for hand picked stuffed animals! They are going to come out with their own line of characters and stories soon so cant wait for that! Huggtopus came with three feelings: happy, frustrated and silly, a great way to teach Kaylee to identify and express feelings in positive and fun ways. Thorough this whole shoot, she was so silly! I love her pouting lips-duck face! She's at a stage where she's very good with telling us what she like and does not like. Which books she like me to read to her before bed and what food she does not want to eat. She also very good at testing her limits too but were pretty good at not always given

Lookbook: Chevron Maxi Dress

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I just want to share with everyone my new love. My first maxi dress purchased this summer. I been looking all summer for a comfortable maxi dress that I can run around without worry about the cut being too low. This dress is perfect for running errands or chasing Kaylee at the park. It's floaty, it's comfortable and it's from Anthropologie! For $15 on sale, I couldn't resist! Here are some more affordable chevron dress that I found online. I actually tried on dress #2 from Gap but I just didn't have the long body for it. I do love the yellow chevron though, such a fun and happy color. // 1 //  2  // 3 // 4 //

Lately {Through my phone}

Flying with a baby tips: Buy a new toy and let  your baby open it at the airport or on the plane. It will keep them busy for a long time! She was so fascinated with her new toy that made the trip easy breezy!  If you have an ipad/iphone, download a new app before the trip. It will keep them busy for awhile. Kaylee loves the  smule magic piano ! (it's free too!) Kaylee was super excited to meet Dora and Diego at the Mall of America!  She was in tears when we left :( We ate a lot during our trip back to Minneapolis, from Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian.. nom nom nom. We took Kaylee to Minnesota Children Museum and she was all smiles. Even our Hubs was all smiles, they are such kids! Grandparents were so excited to see Kaylee, grandma took Kaylee on a shopping spree. She has so much clothes now! Kaylee and her new boyfriend, uh oh! Our chihuahuas (Jet and Miko) was super excited to have us back. They were so sad and depressed while we were away for two weeks!

Happy Retirement To My Parents!

Blog post dedicated to my parents on their retirement! Dad with my niece, Vivian Mom with Kaylee Mom and the girls of the family With my sisters and and sister in law With sister and Niece Two babies of the family What we call our home now wasn’t easy to begin with. My father was taken away from our family to a concentration camp where he was tortured and punished by the communist during the Vietnam War. Since my father scarified for his country we had the opportunity to go overseas and start a new life in America, the land of new opportunities. My oldest sister was left behind with her family in Vietnam and was not able to start a new journey with the rest of our family because her husband and children were not allowed to come. My parents envisioned a new beginning and to achieve a life that they have always dreamt of. In 2008, our family was reunited again. My oldest sister made a journey for herself to start a new life with her children and husband in America

The Outdoor

Right before our family trip, I shot these photos of Kaylee while she was exploring the outdoor. This girl is all smiles when she's outside playing. There's something about her smiles that melt my heart. While on our trip, many had asked us when we will have another one. Right now we just want to enjoy her and spoil her with lots of kisses and whatever happens happen :) I am finally back in town, it was a nice little break from blogging, cooking and cleaning! :D It's good to be back and sleep in our bed though! Can't wait to share some photos from our trip!