10 min meal

10:55:00 AM

It has been a busy week for me so I am definitely glad that it is Friday. Going to lay out at the beach and hang out with all 4 of my little monsters. This morning, I was running late for work but I actually made really yummy lunch. It seriously only took me 10 minutes to make it and well 10 min to take the pix and upload it too:)

Doesnt it look delish. My secret? Bertolli Chicken Florentine and Farlalle. I got it from Sams club, but I think they have it at Walmart also.

If you haven't try this, you should, it's so good!

Hope you guys have a great weekend..and here is a new pictures of my lil monsters.

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5 sweet notes

  1. That does look really yummy! Plus I'm really hungry right now so that makes me want to go get some lol. Do you have to cook that on the stove or is it microwaveable?

  2. you just put it on a pan and cover it for 10 min..medium high heat..and that's it! simple, easy and delish!

  3. I have always wondered about those pasta packs!
    Your little pups are adorable!!!

  4. that pasta looks fabulous!! your puppies are so darling! Happy Monday!

  5. Your dogs are so cute :)I can never mine to pose for the camera


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