Wish I can draw...

12:02:00 PM

I found this beautiful drawing online couple weeks ago and thought to myself "gosh I wish I drew it!" I use to draw back when I was young but it has been so long that I'm just not very good anymore. I don't know who is the original artist is because I would love to give credit to them.

I took the drawing into photoshop and play around with it. I'm going to print it out and put it in the nursery. =)

btw on a different note, last Friday I was browsing through Parents.com and submitted a photo of kaylee for fun on one of their contest..this morning I got an email saying Kaylee is in the finalist for this week winners. Pretty neat! If you dont mind, can you just vote for her here? It doesnt take very long and You don't have to sign up or anything. Thank you so much!

Click on the photo to vote

p.s. I honestly submitted for fun and didn't think she was going to be in the finalist, so please dont think im one of those parents that would sign my kids up for Toddlers & Tiaras like on TLC lol!! :D

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16 sweet notes

  1. Love the drawing. I wish wish wish i could draw like that. I would cover my walls

  2. Her photo is too stinkin cute! Just voted, fingers crossed she wins. :)

  3. i voted too!!! i hop you win! she is soooo adorable and your photos are all so amazing as well!

  4. Man I am so rusty I wish I could still draw like this. I love what you have done to it for far your definitely going to have to show the finished project and a nursery shot.

    Also I am going to go vote!!

  5. 1. I love what you did with the drawing.

    2. Could she be ANY cuter?? Obviously I'm going to go vote for her...

  6. She got my vote!!! Omg..I want to see her on a cover of Parents magazine, she will make a great model. I used to think about submitting my little one's photo but I was too lazy.

    That drawing is pretty, it will make a great addition to her nursery.

  7. Umm... girl, you CAN draw! How did you get the different line shadings to show up on Photoshop? I used to have a Wacom Tablet + Photoshop 5.5 and couldn't get it to work... probably b/c my Photoshop is too old, lol.

    PS - Voted for Kaylee!

  8. ohemgee, so excited for you & kaylee!! i just voted... hope she wins!

    & how about i draw something and you can help me color it in with your ps coloring skills, eh eh?! ;) hehe


  9. Kaylee also got my vote :) She is the cutest kid ever!

  10. Voted!! She is the cutest baby girl!

  11. i gotta go vote - you guys deserve it! and loving that drawing too!!!

  12. haha!!! I would never think that of you! lol. your cute baby girl got my vote.

  13. What a sweet, sweet drawing. I really adore the oversized bow :)

    Count me in on the "vote train" :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  14. wow those drawings are sooo real and pretty! love the bow! :)

  15. my, my, my!!!!!!!!! okay girl, thank you for visiting me, it's wonderful to be here and viewing all the loveliness you've created and are. this includes darling Kaylee, your handsome hubs, your gorgeously d-vine sis and bright spots everywhere!!!!!!! i can see why this drooring caught your eye, i'd have marveled also and am right now. although i don't think i'd have had the initiative to do to it what you have so incredibly well - kudos on the re-design! it's a charm and perfect for a nursery.

    i guess i missed the vote but she is a winner under any circumstance, little orb angel is what!

    sorry it's taken me a while to come along but i'll be signing in now for doses of your goodness more often. ♥


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