I'm Motivated!

9:26:00 AM

Here is a little late recap of my weekend. I recently ran the CHKD 8K race (5 mile) My goal was to just run the whole thing without stopping and I am happy to say that I did it! It feels so good to set a goal and made it! Trust me, I hate running but because I am so motivated to get my pre-prego body back and with no time to gym..running is the best option for me. I usually get up around 5am and run a mile or more couple times a week if I'm not lazy tired. My next race is the 10k this October and I really want to do the Shamrock half marathon next March if I am ready.

I was kinda bummed that we didnt get to take any pix before the run so most of these are right after the race. The race was at 730AM so we were super tired and exhausted..oh and not to mention that it was in the 90s that day!!

My running partner! I don't think I can run the whole thing without her. (check out her engagement photos I did for her here!)

Hubby looking pretty tired..he beat me by 40 sec!!!

Baby Kaylee came and supported us! Although she slept through the whole race lol

Gained 41lbs during pregnancy..lost 33lbs..8 more to go!

Are you a runner? if so any tips for a beginner runner like myself? What do you do to get back in shape or what motivates you?

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11 sweet notes

  1. You lost 33 lbs already? You ROCK girl! I've been trying to lose weight but only lost 13 lbs since January :(

  2. Girl, you are good!! Kudos to you for staying committed and achieving your goal. Definitely great for your mind and body. I would pass out after a mile or less, seriously.

    I hate exercising in general but it feels a hell lot better in the end. I walked every weekend when I was pregnant and that was it. I want to get back to doing that again when it is not 99F outside. I am panting like a dog.

  3. "he beat me by 40 sec!!!"
    this is a wise wife's strategy!;)

    well done!

  4. You are amazing! by the way, you have officially inspired me to start running again ;)

  5. Wow, amazing! What a great accomplishment and to top it all off you already lost 33 lbs.!!! How did you do it??

  6. looks like you had a great time! and 10 K wow good luck to that! I'm not much of a runner, well, only on treadmills hehe :D

  7. yay!!!! you look amazing!!! congrats!
    here is my mental trick when i don't feel like running.... i pretend am near the finish line and my entire family is there cheering me on and waiting for me to cross the line. it is so cheesy but it helps!

  8. Good for you, Yvonne! I used to run on the threadmill every day but I am too lazy now. I need some motivations.

  9. Wow, I'm speechless. It feels like yesterday that Kaylee was born and you've already lost most of the pregnancy weight?!?!? You go girl! It really helps to have other people around for support and motivation. Keep it up, I know you can lose the last 8 pounds!

  10. way to go girl!! You are awesome for getting motivated and accomplishing an 8k! I signed up for workout classes because I knew I had no self-motivation this time around:) I still run too...such a great stress relief!


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