Wedding Pictures Part II {Vietnamese/American Ceremony}

7:49:00 PM

We had 2 ceremonies for our wedding. A Vietnamese traditional ceremony which I am wearing a pink ao dai and a traditional American wedding in my brother's backyard. I get asked a lot about my Vietnamese gown, for anyone wondering where I got was custom designed for me from Vietnam...thanks to my lovely sister in law =)

{mini water bottle designed by me}

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6 sweet notes

  1. LOVE the pink hat, like a very stylish space ship!


  2. lol stylish space ship =D thanks!

  3. Coi hinh dam cuoi cua chi hoai khong thay chan ...Em thich nhat la cach phoi hop cac mau sac lai voi nhau , don gian ma sang !!!

  4. hehe oh vay ha? cam on thanh nhe' ^_^ that mat chi hoai ma ko chan ha?

  5. Gorgeous photos and congrats on such a lovely wedding. My best friend in Boston is Vietnamese and she always shows me photos of the traditional weddings!

  6. Yvonne I love these! Thanks so much for posting the links on my blog. Weddings are my favorite and yours was incredible! I love the colors and the details. 2 weddings! ahhhh!! :) :) :)


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