Coco and Miko in a Bag

9:30:00 AM

Few weeks ago, I entered a picture of Coco chilling on the bed for a Pet Photo Contest for fun sponsored by Since I work for the company, I am not eligible to win the grand prize ($1500 cash) Coco actually won the internal contest though! therefore I got beach blanket and other a really nice beach bag. Well here is Coco loving her new bag..chilling with her brother, Miko.

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2 sweet notes

  1. Holy shoe closet!!
    I love the pops of yellow throughout.

    Happy to have found your blog today, I like it very much! I'm pretty new at it myself but it's become a bit of an obsession!

  2. Hi Ashleigh..glad you found me and thanks for stopping by. Yes it is an obsession to me too! Happy day!


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