Our pups

6:23:00 PM

I took our Yorkie Terrier {Coco} to the groomer few weeks ago so I took some photos of her while she still has a cherry bow on her head.

{ this image of Coco actually won Forrent.com  photo contest! }

Here is a picture of Coco before the haircut

I just have to share this pretty cherry blossom flowers I took when my husband and I were in NC. I wish I have cherry blossom tree in the backyard of our house.

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2 sweet notes

  1. Hi Yvonne. I love the pictures of your babies, they are so cute! I have a Yorkie too, her name is Gracie and she certainly rules our household. Your picture of the Cherry Blossoms is very pretty. I love spring!

  2. My yorkie also rule our household and the boss of our 2 chihuahuas! they are so fun and need TONS of love =)


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